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"Crooked" passport pouch

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    "Crooked" passport pouch

    Finally convinced Mrs dlg to let me put in another order. We needed a passport pouch for our upcoming travels and I persuaded her that this was the way to go <grin>

    So the UV pouch came today. First thing Mrs says is "it's crooked".

    And sure enough, the grid in the dyneema isn't lined up with the binding on the top and bottom.

    I presume this is "character"?

    It's still the cheapest, best-made, lowest-profile rfid-blocking pouch, so it's not going anywhere. But now she's pointed it out and it's going to make me crazy. Alas.

    If it's going to make you crazy, why not just exchange it for another one? I checked one of my dyneema organizer pouches - medium size. The lines run parallel with the binding up to about the last 2", at which point it gets out of line by about 1/16". I sew, and to me that seems about as perfect as you're going to get on a fabric that has to be cut (as opposed to being torn along the grain of the fabric, like you can do with some woven fabrics). But on a small pouch like yours, it also seems possible that they would be able to find one for you that really is better than what you have - depending on how askew it is, of course.


      That's not a bad idea, kmcg. I'll post pictures tomorrow for starters and we can all laugh about how crazy I am.