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TriStar or Aeronaut?? The decision is making me crazy!!!

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    Like others on this thread, I have been on a journey around the various TB travel bags. I started with the Tri-Star, which blew me away when I got it. Even allowing for the high shipping costs to Australia, I can't think of another bag of comparable quality and design that is available here for the price, or even a significantly higher price! The build quality, detail and underlying design are so strong on this bag. The compartments work brilliantly, especially for business travel, but I have also used it very successfully for leisure trips of about 8 days.

    Then I got a WF. Well, actually, I got my husband one, but I have been plotting how to get it away from him ever since it arrived and my plan is to order a second one. I find that the WF fully packed is generally around 7kg, which is my comfortable carrying limit. And for leisure travel I think I prefer two compartments over three. I think the WF is probably my personal ideal for a carry on piece! So as I say, I will be investing in another WF sometime very soon (which may lead to a further purchase of another Synapse or even a cafe bag - need to find out what all the enthusiasm is about with these! - in a coordinating colour... The buying and fantasy-shopping opportunities are endless here! ).

    But in the meantime I have also just ordered an Aeronaut for travel where narrow compartments might not give me enough flexibility. It won't arrive until May because I have chosen a colour combo on back order but I can't wait to see how it works out. I never thought i would buy one of these; my fear is that it will be too heavy to carry comfortably when fully packed, but of the three different bags I think I would be happiest checking the Aeronaut in, if I really had to.


      Hey Ya'll -- Happy Easter!

      Well, I finally did it.... I pulled the trigger on my first TB bag order. Here's what I got:

      1. Tri-Star in Navy/Solar w/Absolute strap and waist strap
      2. Backpack packing cube in Steel
      3. Medium packing cube

      I'll post some pics and a review after I get it and try it out!