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Ordering an item that is on hold.

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    Ordering an item that is on hold.

    Hey TB owners, for those of you who made orders that are on hold, when the item comes back on stock, they ship it to you right away right? Also do they charge you right away?

    You're not charged until your order is actually shipped. Unless you put a hold on your order that you don't want this processed until you can put in another order, or that you want the items held until every item that is backlisted can be sent together (to minimize shipping charges), they'll send the item when it comes back into stock. And you can email them or call them if you want to amend these shipping preferences.


      I have several items on hold (all of which were in stock at the time). I don't see a way to make those items actually ship. There isn't anything I can find in the FAQs on how to do this. Help?


        Originally posted by symmetry View Post
        I have several items on hold (all of which were in stock at the time). I don't see a way to make those items actually ship. There isn't anything I can find in the FAQs on how to do this. Help?
        Hi symmetry,

        Were these items the result of more than one order placed at different times? (You can try going to your account and looking at the list of your last few orders, which will be listed by order number and have a status of “unfulfilled”). The “hold” process was originally designed for people who were participating in pre-orders, like the Synik 22 and Synik 30 preorders that opened on June 8, 2020 and closed on June 15, 2020 as described in this blog post, with estimated ship date in early August (i.e., now), and a linked Pre-Order FAQ. If your hold was part of preordering a Synik, shipment of all items would naturally be triggered when the Synik was ready to ship.

        If you managed to place multiple orders on hold without having a Synik preorder, you’ll have to send an email or do live chat or phone the Tom Bihn Customer Service folks with the information on your orders (e.g., order numbers and dates from your account), and ask them to ship all the items.

        They’re working on implementing a general hold system, but the latest iteration still requires you to choose a single shipping method for all your purchases before you start the order process, and this isn’t something that you would have done. So contact Customer Support with your request.



        ETA: Off-topic comment. Always good to see an old Imago user on the forums. I still use my Aubergine/Hemp/Steel Imago.

        ETA2: Since I note that the last question and answer (from me) in this thread are dated April 2012, let me say that in the intervening 8 years, the order processing has changed immensely, and in part it’s due to the fact that the current volume of customer sales has exploded. In the last 3 or 4 years, preorders were limited to special limited edition bags (like the Guide’s Edition Synapse 25 and the Guide’s Edition Syniks), or to major new product releases like the Luminary backpacks or the the initial run of the Synik backpacks. In the new product release, using the preorder system provided a way to let customers designate their choice of color/fabric combinations from a much wider range of selections than would normally be possible, in exchange for prepaying for the item with a known delivery date. It allowed the Tom Bihn folks to judge popularity of different color combinations for future stock refilling. People who didn’t participate in the preorder system could still purchase the new products from in-stock items made later on the regular production schedule.

        Covid-19 has made manufacturing and selling bags a considerably more interesting process for the folks at Tom Bihn. Not only has production been disrupted by the shelter-at-home guidelines, but they’ve been major factors in efforts to manufacture and distribute masks — a whole separate “business”. On top of that, many customers on the forums expressed the opinion that they would rather have the new Syniks manufactured in a preorder batch — with a lead time to restock and order additional items that were made in the meantime and that could be shipped together. this was a particular concern for foreign orders, where the shipping expenses are a bigger factor in split orders. So they are also experimenting in ways to implement holds for multiple orders (outside of the preorder system).
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