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Size of Brain Bag for everyday use

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    Size of Brain Bag for everyday use

    Hi all,

    I have been browsing the site and forums, and I am thinking hard about the Brain Bag. I am replacing an old worn out Spire bag, and like the looks and layout of the Brain Bag. I worry that it is too big for every day use. I like the ability to stuff when needed (I travel a lot), but typically carry a 13" MacBook, a few spiral notebooks, a folder or two in main compartments. I carry a raft of small stuff in pockets (MacBook charger, sometimes a spare battery (it's an older one), cables, flipchart markers, various adaptors, tylenol, hand sanitizer, ...)

    My question. I think the Smart Alex is probably a more ideal capacity, but I really don't like the design and layout. Do people find the Brain Bag works at less than capacity with the sides synched? Will it be too big? I'm not worried about size on me (I'm 6'2"), but more just that it will be too big for every day.

    My second question: Moderately stuffed, does it fit comfortably under an airplane seat?



    I carry mine every day to work and think it works just fine. As you mentioned, if you tighten down the compression straps the bag is very manageable. What's nice is that if you need some caverous extra room at some point you can loosen the straps and enjoy the space. I have travelled with it on a few flights and yes it does fit under the airline seats if you do not stuff it to the gills. However, if you have long legs that may not me the ideal place for it.


      My son has taken his Brain Bag on every family trip since we got it about a year ago. He's stuffed it under many airplane seats, but as bltmt said it wasn't full.
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        I have carried a Brain Bag nearly daily for the last several years. It can hold an enormous amount of stuff but also works well when filled to less than capacity by using the cinch straps. I have never had an issue with it fitting under airplane seats.


          Thanks for your help. Ordered a Brain Bag last night