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Labeling Padded Pouches

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    Labeling Padded Pouches

    Greetings fellow Tom Bihn addicts!

    I've got a number of the super useful but very opaque padded pouches. The most common usage is to hold belt buckles, where the padding protects them nicely. As they're offered in black and gray only, I've got a number of identical looking pouches with different contents. So if I'm looking for something it's either a Christmas style "poke, prod, what's in the box" game or opening each pouch until the desired item is found.

    Any good ideas on how to label/tag/deal with said pouches so I can identify the contents visually without opening (or preferably handling)? I'm thinking of something akin to the little wine glass identifiers on loops. Most of the ones I've seen commercially are wire and glass, so they won't last in the confines of my bag, but the idea should work. Maybe use those little colored key tags they sell at the checkout at Ace Hardware.

    Anyway, I figured someone else in the community has run into and decided to solve the problem, probably in some really slick and elegant manner.



    If you're okay with just tagging the zippers or the loop where the keyhook is, how about tying a ribbon neatly on there? Use a fabric pen or puff paint. You can change it, it takes no space. The more texture of the ribbon, the less likely it will slip. I prefer color coding to actual labels myself.

    Click image for larger version

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      See, exactly as predicted. Slick, elegant, and better than my idea.