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New Brain Bag - How to use snake charmer & pouches & ...

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    New Brain Bag - How to use snake charmer & pouches & ...

    Hi all. Proud owner of a new Brain Bag, but I'm adjusting to how to best organize given the unstructured approach of the bag.

    I am interested in the Snake Charmer but ... where do you put it? Does it just bang around in the bottom of the bag? That seems unwieldy, because you need to dig down to it, other stuff is on top of it. Do you attach it somehow so it is accessible near the top? I'm moving from a bag with more structure - trying to figure out how to best use the space.

    And on the subject of pouches - don't they get tangled up in the books/notebooks/etc in the bag when they are hanging off an o-ring?

    Where do you put your MacBook charger? Just loose in the bottom of one of the main compartments? (it had an assigned space in the bottom of the large organizer pocket in my old bag).



    I stick chargers in one of the front pockets as they will tend to get lost if loose in the big compartments.

    As for the Snake Charmer obviously it will depend on everything you have in the bag but I usually stick the Brain Cell with computer in a compartment and then put the stuffed S.C. on top of that.

    I have a couple too and they are nice because they seem to be able to cram in next to a lot of things also. Exactly the same as the pouches,it is tough to suggest anything specific because we all pack different things differently?

    If you can not figure anything out then maybe look at the Freudian Slip to help organize?

    Play around with it and be amazed just how much it can hold.