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Tell me about the Cocoa!

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    Tell me about the Cocoa!

    Hi everyone! So, when looking at the photo of the Large Cafe Bag, the Cocoa color looks a bit more washed out, distressed, etc., in comparison to the Small Cafe Bag in Cocoa, which looks brand spanking new. Which is more accurate? I would prefer the distressed look, to be perfectly honest, but I have a feeling it will look more vibrant like the Small Cafe bag pictured. Opinions, definitive statements anyone? Thanks!

    Cocoa is vibrant–I think the distressed look on the LCB came from the lighting. Sorry


      I agree Badger, it is quite vibrant. I have a Cocoa/Wasabi SCB and it's a gorgeous color combo.
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        Cocoa is definitly a rich color. I have a Ristretto and a MCB in cocoa and they don't look like the LCB picture at all. After a quick google, I'd say that the photos in this flickr stream are closest to accurate. Tom Bihn | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


          I have both a Ristretto and a MCB in Cocoa. They're not washed out at all. Nothing like the photo of the LCB. I'd say that the pictures in this stream are pretty accurate.
          Tom Bihn | Flickr - Photo Sharing!