I have a stuffed medium Cafe Bag. Its stuffed with a Kit, Side Effect that doubles as a purse, medium pouch with all my gadget accessories, a medium sized generic pencil holder shaped bag for my stitching project, a checkbook and a few pens and pencils.

Is it possible to fit all this and my Field Journal in a large Cafe Bag? I'd like to carry all this and have space for my daily mail. If there was space left over for a pair of loafers that'd be a real plus but I don't see that happening for me.

I tried a Imago once and I really liked it except that it doesn't have enough structure to hold itself up. I've got a couple of Synapes and they are about the right size, a bit small with lunch and shoes in it but workable. Sometimes I find myself in work environments where a backpack is a bit too casual.

I've cut back dramatically on the amount of stuff I carry every day. I'm not sure I can cut back much more.

Any thoughts anyone has will be greatly appreciated.
Take care,