I really appreciate the written descriptions of what will fit in each size of the new stuff sacks, but another take on it would be more useful to me: How much space does a full one of each size take up inside an Aeronaut, Co-Pilot and Synapse? Yes, I'm selfish and only care about the three bags I have! Pictures would be ideal, but a written description will work too.

My main reason for this is that I'm thinking the large one would be a great option for a travel dirty laundry bag. For most trips I've been packing my aeronaut like this:

main compartment: large packing cube, small packing cube and jacket or other larger loose items, typically with a little free space leftover
side 1: a pair of shoes
side 2: a 3d pouch and clear quarter packing cube

Ideally the large stuff sack can reside outside of my aeronaut during each hotel stay, accumulating all dirty laundry, and then only be put into the aeronaut when packing to move on. It would probably go in last since the packing cubes fit so perfectly on the bottom of the main compartment. Would this work? Or is the large stuff sack too large? Or is it not really large enough to hold much dirty laundry?


And yes, this question is based on the confluence of the thread discussing the evolution of packing during a trip and the announcement of the new travel stuff sacks.