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TriStar or Aeronaut?

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  • Tzporah
    I'm not sure if I'm the one you're talking about with the chair in the Aeronaut, but the one I had would not have fit in anything narrower. I really don't think it would have fit in a Tri-Star (though I don't have one to try it on). This doesn't mean you couldn't fit a different type of pad in the TS to sit on.

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  • pocketsize
    started a topic TriStar or Aeronaut?

    TriStar or Aeronaut?

    Help me decide what to take on my (theoretical) two week trip to Jacksonville to see my boyfriend this coming February!

    I say "theoretical" because I don't know if I'm even going to Florida; however, the bag will still be useful for whenever I can get the money to make it to the UK. As this will be the first time in my young life that I have ever flown anywhere alone, and over 10 years since I've flown, period, I'm excited and also scared s---less.

    I am a petite (5 feet) female (hence my forum handle...) who is "well upholstered" and working to change that but not going to be shrunk down that much for February. I love the Aeronaut, but after seeing some of the pics people have posted it looks like way too much bag for me to carry on my back if needed. (I took a measuring tape to my body, the bag is easily the length of my entire torso. I'm going to look like the Aeronaut grew legs and a head and arms...) The whole "well upholstered" thing may not work in my favor when it comes to packing the TriStar. However, I want to one bag it, so I'm not adverse to the idea of doing the wash every few days for the two weeks. Boyfriend will be coming from the UK with his father and brother to meet his brother's girlfriend. Hotels will be necessary, Boyfriend and I will be sharing a room. (yes, I have met Boyfriend before and have obviously not come away axe murdered, I get all the lectures/abuse already from my parents, please don't give them to me now...)

    This may or may not be a working vacation, so MacBook plus mouse and assorted miscellany including chargers and batteries will be coming with me. Ipad may be coming with me too, plus miscellany for it. Electronics are going to be in the LCB, if the worst happens and I am parted from my TS or AN, my electronics will stay with me. So not going to use the middle compartment of the TS to stick any electronics in. I have an Eagle Creek quarter cube somewhere to corral the electronics.

    Here is a theoretical packing list. I will be bringing my LCB on this theoretical trip as my personal item. Most of the toiletries/razors/shampoo/whatever I will purchase in Florida (*grumble6percentsalestaxhighwayrobberygrumblegrum ble*) as there's an "All Greens" pharmacy next door to the hotel I will theoretically stay in.

    2 pairs light pants (one black, one brown or tan)
    6 short sleeved shirts
    4 pairs undies
    4 bras
    3 pairs socks
    1 pair walking sandals
    1 pair dressier flats
    1 pair flip flops
    1 cardigan
    1 dress (or equivalent combo of skirt and nice shirt)
    Possibly 1 nicer purse but do not care if I have to skip it
    Possibly one SCB as my everyday bag because the LCB is way too large.

    Assorted vitamins, prescription medications and pain relievers are going to be shoved into the LCB, along with the aforementioned electronics, ID, boarding passes, book, gum and so on. Other miscellany such as hairbrush, toothbrush, beach towel, swimsuit and I know I'm forgetting other things will have to be crammed into the larger bag somewhere.

    I will be wearing 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of socks, the usual underthings, my sneakers, a thick fleece, USB medical alert tag, and a hat on the plane.

    So what do you guys think? Will my stuff fit in the TS? Of course this isn't the full list, it's what I can think of off the top of my head. Again, I may be petite in height, but not petite in width, so my clothing list may be light but may only just fit in the TS. I intend on getting several packing cubes but not the backpack version. Any ideas, thoughts, recommendations?

    Edit: Someone was able to fit a small padded chair into their AN, would like to know if it may fit into the TS as nerve problems make it extremely difficult to sit on hard floors for too long without being rendered nearly unable to walk. Also, since my LCB is already black/wasabi, I may have to give up my dream of a navy/iberian AN/TS unless someone can confirm that they look decent together and not as fashion wrecking as I'm imagining it in my head (going to get either black/iberian or cardinal/steel if that's the case). That said, I really really really want an indigo/solar version of the bags and would like to take it of someone's hands.
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