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How to organize / pack the Synapse Backpack?

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    Originally posted by rlandis View Post
    Is that the 15.4, non retina display?? If so, do you have any problem fitting it in Synapse?? That's the only thing that has stopped me from buying one.
    Non-retina, yes. There are many photos of my computer and its sleeve scattered throughout the forum. No problem fitting it in the Synapse.


      I think I'm on topic here; if not I apologize for the threadjack.

      I'll be needing a diaper bag soon (Yes, this topic again. I apologize for this as well.) and I'm pretty much decided on a Synapse plus packing cubes/stuff sacks solution. The question is: how do the various cube sizes fit in there? I should think that around 3 cubes would be good for organization purposes, and any room left over could be used for stuff sacks. I can use the measurements given on the product pages for mathematically arriving at some idea of how it would go, but I'd also appreciate the informed opinions of anyone that's been down this road before me. Maybe there's already some good info posted and I've missed it?



        I have the a bit small Mountainsmith Trip with strappettes. They're designed reliable and have careful design - great company, comparison coating, glasses wallet, nice zip draws. I actually use it as a go bag but I've hiked with it too.