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Travel Stuff Sacks vs. Yarn Stuff Sack

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    Travel Stuff Sacks vs. Yarn Stuff Sack

    I was asked what the difference is between the Travel Stuff Sacks and the Yarn Stuff Sacks besides the Yarn ones having a clip. I don't have the yarn stuff sacks so I thought I'd post the question here. Anyone?
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    I don't have a Travel Stuff Sack (yet, that is), but I do know the bottoms of them are oval shaped, as opposed to the Yarn Stuff Sacks which are circular. Besides that, there is only the yarn clip, as you mentioned, and the proportions, height to width that are different. I'm sure there's some forum members out there with both!
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      Is anyone with any/all of the different sizes for the Travel Stuff Sacks and Yarn Stuff Sacks, and Travel Tray able to post side-by-side shots to easily gauge the different volumes/sizes? One shot of them upright, and another of their bottom profile?

      (Though at the rate I'm ordering new TB gear I might be able to do it myself by the end of the year :P)


        Maybe this thread will help?
        I really, really like TB Bags!


          Sorry, I can't seem to get the pics to load here.

          Upright views of a size 2, size 3, regular yarn and large yarn

          Inside views


            I liked this review of the Travel Stuff Sacks:
            Tom Bihn Introduces New Travel Stuff Sacks « The Travelite FAQ

            Am I correct that the Yarn Sacks have 2 clips: one outside for clipping to an O-ring and one inside for the yarn?