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Large packing cube for western flyer (or Tristar)

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    Large packing cube for western flyer (or Tristar)

    Just bought a western flyer in Navy/Solar. Ended up getting 2 small packing cubes to go with it. I almost got the large size packing cube also but was not sure how useful it would be since it is the same size as the compartment it goes in. I might also use a packing folder in that compartment.

    Do people find the large size packing cube to be handy, given that it doesn't provide separation or organization since it is basically the same size of the compartment it goes in?


    I have one of the Packing Cube Backpacks which is a large packing cube when reversed. I use it when I want to pack clothes in the center section of the Tristar (i don't own a WF) which is a lot easier since it doesn't zip down completely.

    For you, the PCSB used as a large packing cube would give you a day pack when you arrive at your destination that doesn't take any room up in your luggage...


      congratulations on your new WF. Nice color choice too!

      I have the packing cube backpack for the WF which is the equivalent to the large size and I like it because it provides compression when I'm really filling that back compartment. I can pack the compartment fuller without concerns that my clothing is going to be eaten by the zip closure.

      I love the backpack for what it is and have on more than one occasion used it as my only bag for overnights and weekend trips. It's especially useful for short trips in our travel trailer. It also is useful for laundry runs in the traveling scenario because once the laundry is all done, just re-pack the cube and it's ready to slip into the WF.

      In a pinch, it's an ultralight daypack.
      I really, really like TB Bags!


        I have the large packing cube for my WF and love it. Like Dorayme said, it works great for compression. Also, I use my cubes as "travel" dresser drawers. I use the large cube for shirts, pants, etc., and a small cube for underwear and socks, and usually slide my toiletry bag in there as well. I merely unzip the cubes and transfer them to the hotel dresser when I arrive, and am instantly unpacked!


          I bought 2 Packing Cube Backpacks (Steel and UV) for the Aeronaut and one for the WF (UV)

          The Steel Packing Cube Backpack for the Aeronaut goes with me when I do errands.

          The 2 Packing Cube Backpacks (Steel and UV) for the Aeronaut are used inside the Brain Bag for domestic (U.S) travel.

          Outfits are neatly packed in them then unzipped and placed in hotel dresser drawers, accessories and smaller garments are in Packing Cubes Shoulder Bags.

          The recent introductions of the Travel Tray and Travel Stuff Sacks are going to eliminate all but maybe one or two plastic bags to haul stuff and protect my things from spilling or being spilled on courtesy of (toddlers, kids, pets and husbands)

          Based on the multiple uses of my Yarn Stuff Sacks, I know that the Travel Tray and Travel Stuff Sacks are going to be useful, versatile and nice looking acquisitions.
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            Dang, I know you're asking about the large packing cube and I don't have it. But I recently purchased a packing cube shoulder bag as an afterthought for a weekend trip to Mexico. It was phenomenal! Really. I'd read stuff and seen people's photos, but actually using it...wow. So I guess I'd reiterate what the others above are saying: if you're going to get a large packing cube, get the packing cube backpack. My guess is that you'll use it and appreciate it more than you realize. I didn't think I wanted a packing cube backpack, but after my experience with the packing cube shoulder bag, it's going on my Cmas list And apparently it's now available in Wasabi too!


              I use a large packing cube in the rear compartment of my WF and my TS. I find they work really well for compression and add a bit of structure to the bags (especially for the TS). I would never pack either of these bags without using the packing cubes (but then, I love packing cubes!).


                I think I'll definitely get a large or backpack packing cube, sounds like it's worth it. I'm kind of debating the large vs backpack cube. I often take a separate small dedicated backpack anyways, so not sure if the backpack packing cube would be worth it. One thing I did notice is that the backpack packing cube is larger than the WF large packing cube (I'm guessing since it is designed to also be used in the Tristar) so I'm thinking the large packing cube might work slightly better. Also, being able to throw the packing cube in a drawer is handy. With the backpack PC, you would of course have to remove all your clothes so you loose that ability.

                Maybe I should just get one of each!