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Will a TS fit my needs

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    Will a TS fit my needs

    I need a bag for everyday use. I am dealing with the need to consolidate work items, personal items, gym stuff, and lunch for one very long day on a medical campus.

    I always pack about 2 medium-ly packed files but sometimes that number skyrockets to 10 or so. I also carry a full set of gym stuff (clothes, running shoes, and a toiletry kit for the shower, 18oz steel camelback). For Lunch I carry a large glass salad bowl, mid-size snack bowl, a can of seltzer and tumbler of tea. My personal items are keys, umbrella, a small first aid kit, small make-up bag, medium case with sanitizers lotions etc., large wallet, check book, iphone, glasses and a tiny foldable shopping bag. Finally Misc work stuff includes iPad, extra notebook, business card holder, pens, id cards.

    I'm regularly away from home for 10-12hrs. I walk at least 2 miles in the day getting from my office to the hospital and daycare center for my son. I need to look professional as I lead rounds in the hospital as guest Doc once a week and give presentations to administration etc.

    Conventional briefcases are out because I can't hold that much stuff in a briefcase and I can't carry it on my small frame (5'2", 120lbs) and not topple over. I considered a wheelie but found TB. I was so excited that the tri-star looks like a big briefcase, I can haul on my back when needed and make look more professional for the 5 minutes I have to walk by the important folks. BUT I need your expert opinion...is it too big....would the WF do the job. Please look at the picks and let me know what you think. I am very big on organization so any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Looking at your picture and list, I believe the WF would handle your load and then some. I would consider adding some internal organization like packing cube backpack for the gym clothes, either a clear quarter packing cube, snake charmer, some organizer pouches or a packing cube shoulder bag depending on how you like to compartmentalize your personal items, and to keep them from spilling out when you access your WF in the work setting. I would also add a freuidian slip to organize the filea and other office items.

    I think the TS is too large for what you have, and I think that with your size (my size minus 15 lbs), lugging a full TS daily for several miles may be less than comfortable. . .though you come across as significantly more fit than I, so for you, it may not be an issue at all.

    Also if you have a locker, staff lounge or office, you could leave the gym clothes in the packing cube backpack while you carried the WF with your office items, then return to it later. . .
    I really, really like TB Bags!


      From you photo, I agree completely with @dorayme that the WF would work. I'm pretty sure a small WF packing cube will fit all your gym / shower gear, and that would take up 1/4 of the available space. I'm not sure if the water bottle & food would fit together in a second packing cube, but only because the shapes might not work together. Packing cubes are soft sided so can squish up and make room for water bottles (or in my case, a hair straightener) in one of two big WF compartments. I'm 5'5" and I think the WF is a great size on my frame.


        My wife has a WF so I went and grabbed it and looked at your photo. I think it might work but have you considered two bags instead?

        I think you have 3 main groups of stuff. The files, the gym clothes, and the food. You want to keep these all separate. I would think the files go in the side with no divider and the other two can be on the other side with the divider. But that does put your food near your gym stuff. Plus, I think you would need to put your clothes with your shoes and that isn't something I like (I always separate my shoes if I can). But I think it would probably all fit.

        I was going to suggest a Synapse and a Cadet but what might work is the WF and a lunch box. But the WF by itself is probably going to work.
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          Thanks for all your input. Just to throw a wrench in everything.....sometimes I need my 13" macbook. Would that addition change any recommendations?

          pretzelb: I also think of my stuff as three major groups of stuff.

          I'm having some issues thinking about how I would use the compartments of the WF. I would really like to stick with one bag because I also have my sons daycare bag that I leave with him. He is also a crazy toddler so wrestling him down the road and into his classroom with anything extra is just not something I want to do anymore. I have considered the synapse Esp. since I love all the pockets but I think that WF or TS may be more useful in different business uses. My duties are so varied I get tired just thinking about it but what my dream is....I have one big bag that is professional enough for times I have to go right to a meeting in the morning. Usually I would go right to my office. Leave my big bag there but have a smaller bag to take with me for meetings, exchange with gym clothes mid day and stuff all back again to go home. *sigh* I'm working too hard
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            You certainly have an interesting challenge. The daycare bag makes it even tougher.

            I think the macbook would be fine with the folders on the side with no dividers. The only concern is you would probably see bulging from all the stuff and it might look a bit unprofessional. Then again, I think the sneakers could also do this all on their own so you might have that each day.

            Have you considered a large backpack like the Smart Alec or even Brain Bag plus a smaller briefcase like the Cadet or Checkpoint Flyer? This would result in 3 bags including the daycare bag but you might be able to stuff something like the Cadet (or the daycare bag) into the Brain Bag. I only suggest this because it sounds like you have certain "modes" you want to be in and being able to switch bags might be an option. I also suggest it because it sounds like you have a ton of stuff to carry and a big backpack is (imo) the best way to carry large loads.

            Looking back at your picture I "think" the WF would still work but it would be a bit stuffed. You can probably manage everything with some creative uses of stuff sacks or packing cubes. I guess it all depends on what you think looks professional. I was trying to think of ways to avoid the over-stuffed bag look which can be unprofessional but if that doesn't bother you then I think the WF might work. If you get the backpack straps (my wife didn't get that option) you can use it backpack style until you drop off the son at daycare, then hide the straps and carry it briefcase style to your meeting.
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              I think the WF would work as well, but seeing you are looking for some flexibility the TS may be your better choice. Then as the toddler grows and/or your needs change the TS could become a suitcase (from what I can see these bags are virtually bomb proof and will last a long time). I also recommendd packing cubes. I have the small SBPC and the BPPC and they make a great set with the bag and a few pouches.


                Just to make your head spin a bit more (tee hee)...what are you using for your toddler bag? The reason I ask is because recently I flew to Mexico with a baby for a wedding and brought only the Aeronaut. I had purchased the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag on a whim right before the trip and it ended up working FABULOUSLY as a pull-out-of-the-Aeronaut's-end-pocket-diaper-bag-purse for that trip....and it got me thinking that, depending on your toddler bag needs, perhaps a Packing Cube Shoulder bag (PCSB) or Packing Cube Backpack (PCBP) would work as your toddler bag. Of course, the beauty of either the PCSB or the PCBP is that they would slide easily in and out of both the WF and the TS so that you could truly pack just one big bag every day for all of your stuff and your toddler's stuff! Just a thought....


                  Oh- I should hasten to add that the PCSB and PCBP would fit in other TB items as well- the Brain Bag, the Super Ego, maybe even a Smart Alec or Ego. They also work as stand alone items. Just brainstorming with you


                    Thank you for all the brain storming!

                    As a toddler bag, I am using a Vera Bradley Lunch Bunch. His daycare allows me to leave a change of clothes in his cubby so he doesn't require too much. It's just a pain to wrestle with anything other than a 35lb almost 3rd old and my week is all over the place. I really appreciate the suggestions and would be happy to provide more details if it would be helpful.

                    At this point I'm strongly considering ordering several bags to try out and send the ones that won't work back....hopefully I can find a use for more than one


                      I feel compelled to warn you that, while TB will happily take unused returns, the bags are so elegant, you may not have the heart to send them back...they are kind of like puppies or kittens in this regard.


                        Originally posted by lonestar6 View Post
                        I feel compelled to warn you that, while TB will happily take unused returns, the bags are so elegant, you may not have the heart to send them back...they are kind of like puppies or kittens in this regard.
                        Yes, this is all part of the Tom Bihn Acquisition Syndrome (BAS).

                        You know those famous brown boxes that TB uses to deliver it's precious cargo to you? Well, Tom tosses in this special aura - the TB Aura - before shipping. It prevents you from return anything inside. You WILL find a reason to keep everything, even if you ordered something because you were unsure and wanted to "evaluate" it, then return it if it wasn't quite right.

                        This is very similar to what Apple does in the retail stores. It's referred to as the "Halo Effect." You walk in to just look around or to purchase a $10 cable (well maybe $29), and you end up going home with a 27" iMac, a MacBook Air, an iPad and an iPhone!

                        Heaven help me if I ever go into Tom Bihn's store!! Good thing I live in Pennsylvania!

                        By the way, the TB Aura also affects the box itself!

                        Indeed, you will find that you are unable to build up the nerve to toss the TB box - even if a bit mangled by evil UPS guys who taunt you play mind games with you, knowing full well that you suffer from BAS. If your condition is severe, you keep all these boxes! Perhaps, like me, you use them to store all the pouches and straps that you over-order. Well, hmm ... come to think of it, you can never over-order pouches and straps. To make things even worse, we see lately that a TB employee is putting drawings on the boxes. I have not been fortunate enough to get one of these, but if I do, I will probably frame it and hang it in my man-cave!

                        Someone please help me!
                        I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!


                          Just wanted to update....I ended up with a brain bag! At first I was intimidated. It was pretty large and it still feels a little too wide on my shoulders. BUT I figured I would take it on a true test run and thereby understanding that, as stated above, I would keep this bag for some reason even if it is not perfection for a work bag. Well everything fits perfectly, including all my gear and optional baby related items. The very first day I took this bag out for a spin we got tornado warnings all over the DC area. As luck would have it I had to walk in an epic -for someone in a full on suit- downpour. Nothing in the bag was wet! I walked a good few minutes in the storm strangely confident in the bag and that confidence was totally supported by what happened! I got to a meeting carried the bag by the top strap, shook it off and kept it moving. I may still end up with a WF for daily use but the brain bag is awesome!


                            @DrArmyWife - So good to hear you made a decision!! The Brain Bag looks great (I'm about to buy one for hubby). What colour did you get??!!! We'd love to see some photos and packing list if you get a chance!