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Co-pilot inside a WF?

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    Co-pilot inside a WF?

    Does anyone know how a Co-pilot fits inside of a WF?

    Pics would be awesome.

    Ask and you shall receive

    DrArmyWife I took some pictures for you of my Western Flyer and CoPilot.

    I didn't think of this pairing before but it would be a great fit, look professional, and should handle your items. The only concern I have is that files may be a tight fit in the copilot on the corners if your stack is thick. This video by maverick may give some insight on the file situation. I use moleskin paperboard two pocket folders in my co-pilot as well as the poly folder style folders and haven't had any problems with my first gen iPad and it's over sized case/stand, but I wanted to bring hat to light for your your consideration. Your files are thicker than my 5ish sheets of paper.

    I really, really like TB Bags!


      Don't know if you'd like the Dyneema fabric, but it being lighter, it's a little more forgiving about fitting stuff like letter-size paper. Just make sure it's inside a folder so the corners don't get curled in.


        Dorayme: LOVE the pics. I really want a co-pilot now!!


          Dorayme: LOVE the pics. I really want a co-pilot now!!



            I think a Western Flyer and a Co-Pilot pair would be perfect for you.

            Dorayme's pair highlights how professional, the Steel color looks.

            You could use one Western Flyer compartment for office things, neatly setup into a The Horizontal Freudian Slip

            You pack that side landscape style.

            Then you rotate your bag portrait style and pack the other compartment with gym things at the bottom (I suggest a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag for the clothes and a Travel Stuff Sack for the shoes) and the Co-Pilot holding your lunch on top.

            The personal things and iPad can find rooms in the Western Flyer pockets.

            This way, you have only one Western Flyer "backpack" while taking your toddler to school.

            Once you arrive at the office, you can rotate the Co-Pilot then hide the backpack straps so you can go to the formal meeting with a Western Flyer briefcase.

            Alternatively, you can remove the Co-Pilot and the items holding your gym things for a lighter Western Flyer briefcase.

            I recommend the items below, because like me, I can see that you use mini bags to house related items inside big bags.
            I have 2 Packing Cube Shoulder Bags and they have been lifesavers when I pack in a hurry.

            I don't have any Travel Stuff Sack because they have just been introduced.

            lPacking Cube Shoulder Bag | TOM BIHN and Travel Stuff Sack | TOM BIHN

            I do not own either of those bags but I played with them at the Tom Bihn store. They are amazingly lightweight , I could do a full twirl holding both, they were empty but before them, I have never been able to twirl with any bag in my hand.

            PS: The store has a nice mirror and being with Tom Bihn Crew was really really fun!
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