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Folders for Co-Pilot

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    Folders for Co-Pilot

    Has anyone found stiff folders that fit into a Co-Pilot briefcase? My folders get pretty beat up quickly due to the snug fit, so I'm looking for some very stiff, or even hard plastic, dividers to keep my papers from getting dog-eared. Thanks!

    Instead of a regular file folder, I use the thin flexible plastic ones you can buy from Japanese pen stores. I just checked, and didn't find any at Jetpens.com, unfortunately. You might still be able to find something similar at an office supply store... basically, they're like file folders but are made of flexible plastic--thinner than the kind they use on 3-ring binders.

    Not sure it'll fit but you might see if you can use a FedEx or US Priority Mail flat envelope. Those have flaps on top and will hold your paper securely, and are available "for free." Just don't tell them I suggested it, because the idea is to use them to ship stuff. That way, as they get beat up, you can just use a new one! ;-)

    One other idea... keep your file folders, but put a clipboard in there as a backing? Not sure it'll fit (or you might have to look around for a nontraditional one that does), but that might help.


      Thanks Lani! You inspired me to go rooting around in our office supply cabinet at work (a great way to procrastinate today). I found a UPS letter folder, but it didn't work; it's too tall even with the flap removed. Then I grabbed a 1/4" binder and tried that, but it was also too tall. One brand worked that wasn't as wide, but it was a really tight stretch to get the zipper closed. Then I found a pressboard file jacket with file dividers inside. This works pretty well! Here's the link and a picture: Pendaflex 02611: Pressboard Folders | OfficeWorld.com. Click image for larger version

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      This is my first attaching of either, so hopefully it works! Thanks for the inspiration, and if anyone else has any input on this, I'd appreciate it!


        I have had the same problem with the Co-Pilot. Just that 1/2 inch would have made all the difference! I am sure TB has his reasons that the rest of us are not aware of!


          Originally posted by Shiva View Post
          I have had the same problem with the Co-Pilot. Just that 1/2 inch would have made all the difference! I am sure TB has his reasons that the rest of us are not aware of!
          Me too. I also think it moves it toward "purse-like" and away from a small briefcase for the same reason. I ended up just throwing papers in it without folders to compensate but I think I might need to look for a different solution so I can use folders.

          Then again, when I used my Co-Pilot as my personal carry on item I just laughed when it fit so easily under the seat in front of me that I was able to put my feet on each side of it and had room to wiggle my feet if I wanted.
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            I'm using the old Levenger folders (not made now), but there's a post about poly file folders from Staples that can be used in the Co-Pilot. (They seem to be out of stock currently.)


              With the pressboard jacket I posted above, I'm able to tuck it under the lip of the top enclosure for the main pocket, just behind the zipper. Hard to explain, but perhaps you get what I'm saying. It provides a good backing to keep the papers from getting beat up. You just have to "pop out" the jacket once you open the zipper. It certainly works better than the plastic sheet protectors I was using before. I was surprised that it fit, but the tight fit is what serves as the protection. Granted, I've only done this for one day, but I carried papers home and back today, and they look just like they did when they came off the printer. I certainly couldn't say that before.