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aeronaut outer colors and dirt/dust

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    aeronaut outer colors and dirt/dust

    hi all
    about to purchase an aeronaut, and was going to get steel, and given that i'd like to wipe down/clean the bag infrequently esp while traveling, i felt that it would be most immune to looking overtly dirty between cleanings. however, don't care for either interior color offering for steel (steel/iberian would be cool, but not offered). the other two colors i'd consider for exterior are navy and black.

    so the question: how do navy and black look on a trip - dirt/dust magnets or not?

    thanks very much

    Welcome to the forums, luigi22! I have a Navy Aeronaut that I have flown a few times with and dirt/dust hasn't been a problem at all. On one leg of a trip, I had to check the Aeronaut into the baggage compartment of a bus in Mexico...it still looks brand new!

    FWIW- and other members may feel differently- I would encourage you to purchase a color combo you really like. It puts a little extra smile into travelling For example, it's possible that the steel/iberian combo will be back in January. Iberian and wasabi linings are on order and won't be back until January...so maybe you want to wait?

    That being said, or if you really need it before January- all of the color combos that I've seen have been even more stunning in real life. The ballistic nylon has a beautiful sheen to it, even the black. There's not a bad decision to be made! Happy shopping!


      thanks; guess bc it's ballistic rather than cordura, it holds off the dust better.

      they didn't tell me when i called that those combos would be back - good to know, as i think i'm ok waiting. like you said, lifetime purchase, so might as well get exactly what i want.