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Bag to carry Air and Wacom?

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    Bag to carry Air and Wacom?

    I have an Empire Builder, and I plan to get a new Brain Cell (horizontal) when my new MBAir arrives. But I'm also going to be doing a lot of work with photoshop and that means bringing my tablet with me. (not my iPad; I know where that goes in my EB.)

    The Wacom is 13.8 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches; what can I get to keep it safe in my bag with the other things that are going to be in there? I have a HBC for my dying 17" MBPro (2007 era), but I'm not sure that a pair of sleeves (one for the Air, on for the tablet) in the Horizontal Brain Cell is the most optimal of workings, for example.

    (I'm also going to be carrying a pair of cameras, neither of them DSLRs with removable lenses, and a few other things in there.)

    (Also I'm in Seattle, so going to the store is an option - I may end up having to do that, as I have a zipper needs repairing.)

    Hi Mephron,

    Which size of MacBook Air are you getting?

    The Wacom tablet that you have is actually very similar in size to the 15" Retina Display MacBook Pro and will fit great in the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina Horizontal or Vertical Cache .

    What are the make and models of the cameras that you will be carrying? If I can grasp a better idea of their overall size I can make a better recommendation for a home for them .

    We would also be happy to have you stop into the store! It's fun to play with all of the different bags .
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      Hi, Katy!

      It's a 13" MacBook Air. (which means a long wait for a horizontal brain cell, I fear - the back-orders must be tremendous!)

      The cameras are a Kodak Z915 and a Samsung HZ50W (the samsung is actually the harder of the two to fit in things, with a somewhat weird design).

      And interesting - I should really come down. (as I said, I have a zipper issue on my Empire Builder that might be an easy fix, and since I'm not THAT far away - south Beacon Hill - it might be easier for all to bring it in.)