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Super Ego OK as week+ bag?

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    Super Ego OK as week+ bag?


    I hope to someday own a few(Ha! Ever expanding Wishlist) TB bags and whatsits
    Among those items is a Navy/Black/Something SE. An Ebay listing is currently tempting me. My bank says to chill..
    If I travel for a week or more,does the SE have room for 2 pairs of trousers,3 tops, 3 each socks/unders/PJ shirt? I do not fear trip laundry. Underflap storage would carry a Ziploc toiletry bag(toothbrush/paste/comb/deod.),empty H2O bottle.
    Pardon if this has been asked before..Can Packing Cubes be used or would rolling suffice? I would pick up a(Navy/Cork/Wasabi) Imago to use as a purse(wallet,zip pouch with contact lens stuff/extra earbuds/mints,book, celly,microfiber cloth,snacks(I have had my meals forgotten on flights (!!)..)I will probably wear glasses (Kala Operas in blue/tortoise).

    Thanks much!

    The SuperEgo absolutely has room for all these things. Rolling is the way to go, though, as packing cubes are squarish, and the SuperEgo is not.

    However, I have been in the position of carrying both a SuperEgo and an Imago on my shoulders through an airport, and as awesome as each of these bags is individually, they don't carry well together, at least on my short frame. I'm a relatively strong woman, but having both bags over my shoulders was uncomfortable and tiring. These days I much prefer running through airports with the TriStar in backpack mode on my back and the Imago over my shoulder (or, if I'm packing lightly, in the center compartment of the TriStar).
    Buzz in Black, Imago in Black/Black/Steel, Ego in Black/Black/Steel, TriStar in Black, Large Cafe Bag in Black/Wasabi, SuperEgo in Black/Black/Steel, Side Effect in Plum, a couple Kits, and more clear pouches than one woman could ever possibly need