I'm just curious about what you're using to tote your gear around in.

When I travel, I carry my 13" Macbook Pro and a Canon D60 with several small prime lenses. My current setup is a Brain Bag with the camera gear in the I/O bag, and the laptop in a brain cell. It works well, but I sometimes wonder if the Brain Bag fits my body type well. I just can't get fully comfortable with all that gear in there. Or, maybe it's just not possible to feel comfortable carrying that much weight. Separately, the laptop and camera aren't too heavy, but together, they seem to really add up in weight.

In the future, I hope to add an Aeronaut to my collection, so I can stop checking bags for my flights. I'm having a hard time imagining myself hauling my Brain Bag with my gear, plus the Aeronaut. I'm no weakling, but I find myself wondering if there is a way to tweak my system to get more comfortable.

Ditching the the camera and laptop are not an option.

As I sit here nursing sore shoulders from my recent travels, I ask you what works for you.