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    Imago Strap


    Does anyone have the Standard strap on their Imago? Is the Absolute the way to go("Better safe than sorry")?Also,how many o-rings does it have? For optimal pouch ordering

    greetings roarmouse!

    i've used the imago with both with the standard shoulder and the absolute shoulder strap. no doubt, the standard shoulder strap is very comfortable. but given the choice, i prefer the absolute shoulder strap - specially if i'm carrying a little more weight.

    so one thing to consider is how much does the stuff you'll normally carry in the imago weigh.

    the number of o-rings may have changed since, as my imago is from a couple of years ago. mine has two o-rings in the main compartment, one in the open pocket, and another inside the zippered pocket. be aware that you can attach more than one organizer pouch to a given o-ring. you can also use the key strap to attach the organizer pouch, if you like. this is a good idea if you want a pouch tethered while you pull it out (for example, with your clear organizer wallet).

    another thing you can do is attach a small s-biner to the end of the key strap. this is how i carry my extra keys (for places i don't access on a daily basis, but that i need to keep the keys for).

    please let us know if you have further questions.


      +1 on the Absolute Shoulder Strap on the Imago for heavier loads, especially if you're carrying a computer.

      I don't own an Imago, but my buddy Kiddo does. With a 13" MBP, a bunch of file folders, anywhere between 2-4 books, and a variety of sundry items (like, um, Clif Bars), the bag can get heavy. I lifted it up off a chair the other day, and I swear the sucker weighed 15 pounds. The Absolute strap does a very nice job of distributing weight so it's not pulling down on your shoulder; Kiddo wears the Imago cross-body and the strap seems to work well that way, too.


        Another +1 for the Absolute Strap. Good weight distribution and very comfortable both across body and on your shoulder when you're grabbing it really fast (i.e. the direction of the curve of the strap not that big a deal, comfortable both ways). I do a LCB (don't have an Imago) but I easily get it to 10-15 lbs if I pop in my laptop. It's far more comfortable with the Absolute at 15 lbs than my Patagonia Half-Mass (couldn't pass up 85% off) at 7 lbs.


          I asked the Bihn crew if I could have a standard strap on my Imago that could be changed out with the Absolute strap I already had. They sent me a standard strap with clips. Works great.


            Originally posted by TavaPeak View Post
            I asked the Bihn crew if I could have a standard strap on my Imago that could be changed out with the Absolute strap I already had. They sent me a standard strap with clips. Works great.

            Clips? As in the usual hardware that allows one to hook/unhook a strap? Or,do you have to disassemble one strap to do the swap? I've seen the TB video(there should be a WF one...puhleeze).If you have to take it apart that would make the Absolute strap all the more appealing. My EDC is mostly mundane wallet/keys/schtuff..Less than 5lbs., bag included. I'd also want to use the Imago for any travel. So I'd add a (someday!) Nexus 7,snacks,paperback...

            Thanks again!


              Sorcha, you'd need to call the Bihn folks and ask if they can help you with it. (They did the mod at the factory.) That said, the standard strap works great for what I can carry in the Imago.



                I think the Absolute Strap is overkill for the Imago on most days, just because it is a little bit heavier than a standard strap. I would only recommend it if you carry something heavy like a computer or a big SLR all the time.
                On the other hand, having the choice of both straps is definitely the way to go: once you use the Absolute Strap with something heavy (like the Aeronaut I use it with), you will never go back. Get the Imago with rings and two straps.



                  I use the Q-AM strap with my Imago for everyday use. I carry it as a cross-body bag 99% of the time with the short stabilizing strap removed. I can ease the strap out or tighten it up depending on the load and which coat I'm wearing. That's the joy of the strap, versatility. The padded strap is quite comfortable at the neck, too, especially when wearing the Imago all day long.

                  I agree with bbcamp, for everyday use, I think the Absolute Strap overpowers this smaller bag.


                    I have only used my Imago with either the Q-AM strap or the Absolute Strap - Q-AM when I'm on my bike, AS for everything else. I find the AS to be perfect, even if the bag isn't super full. It just seems more comfortable.