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Whistle sizing

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    Whistle sizing

    Not too long ago, my girl friend went on a business trip in New York. She needed to stop and use the public washroom in an office building, note: this was during the day. Upon washing her hands, she was brutally and violently attacked from behind at random by a large male. Unfortunately, she sustained head trauma, the contents of her purse went missing, and she was basically left for dead. Other ladies that came into the washroom later on found her lying there and called for help. It’s been a long time now and we cry whenever she tells me of this horrendous story.

    Since then, I have always carried a whistle with me. Whether it’s on my wristband, or attached to my set of keys, or even on the sternum clip if I’m using a backpack, I always have a whistle. You never know when you need to call for help on behalf of someone, or even to save yourself.

    Now before you feel compelled to leave me a great response, yes, I did in fact read all there is to know about the Tom Bihn sternum whistle on the forum here and here. I’m looking for more specific sizing information and the reason is because I purchased a large pouch of these whistles and I want to know if they mate with the female half of the clip. Could anyone with experience on these clips please tell me if they would fit? I've tried to mate other 20mm clips together and some female ends were too shallow.

    Thank you!

    The whistle is a fairly new item, and I don't imagine most people here are using the clips the way you're describing. Your best bet is to email Darcy directly and ask her.


      I like this idea for a whistle, but my experience with them is poor, they are hard to blow easily to get a loud whistle. I have several from TB and a couple from other sources and they are all functionally the same.

      I recommend getting something easy to use in a crisis, since that is when you are likely to need it. I don't like the pea whistles, which rattle and can have other problems with the moving part, especially when wet. I would like a Storm whistle with an embedded compass; I haven't found one yet but maybe someday.

      It is certainly better than nothing, but not as good as a "real" whistle.

      Maybe others have better luck than I do, but I cannot recommend them.


        I used to carry pepper spray; even before my girl friend was hurt. After taking a free class with some friends on how to protect yourself from muggers, I went to purchase pepper spray. Thankfully, I never needed to use it and it expired. I replaced the pepper spray with a palm sized immobilizing air horn. It was something you just stuffed in your bag that was difficult to find in a time of need and then it also expired! After my friend’s incident, we all started carrying whistles and I’ve become a believer in the whistle now. It doesn’t expire and doesn’t require a propellant except for your lungs. It's either attached to your keys or to a bag. A whistle is handy and its sharp pitch attracts attention. I haven't been too pre-occupied with "whistle technology" so I'm not as knowledgeable as you. But I picked up a number of those clip ones, they fit my pack’s sternum strap, they were cheap to replace in case it got too icky, and they fit some of my girl friend’s pack’s too.