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    Bag storage

    I've seen everyone's pictures of their collections... How do you store them?

    I'll confess my collection isn't as Bihn-heavy as it needs to be, but there's still a lot of bags to be stored.

    Mine are in a clear bin from Ikea, and it is stored in my closet.


      I keep my aeronaut and packing cubes, organiser pouches etc in the original box they came in :-)


        Many of mine are in use almost every day. Our "luggage" pieces are stored in each person's closet. Since they are all so "small" they take up relatively little space. I have a few varieties of PLOs and accessories that are redundancies, they are stored in an under bed storage container close to me when I sleep. . .
        I really, really like TB Bags!


          I use my Plum/Black Swift weekly for administrative purposes, so that is parked next to my desk.

          My Synapse is in my closet, ready to go. I need to find a better home for my off season Little Swifts. They are just hanging out in my closet as well. My Tri-Star, SA, and other travel bags and accessories (packing cubes, travel trays, etc) are in a big plastic bin in my closet.

          My Azalea Swift is my knitting bag, and is in use everyday, so it parks next to my knitting chair. Depending on the quality of waiting time for the next kiddo activity, I will either bring it or just a Yarn Stuff Sack tossed into my Little Swift EDC. The other Yarn Stuff Sacks are kept in their respective yarn stash drawers (Solar Sacks for sock projects in sock yarn drawer, Tall UV Sack in slipper yarn drawer for slippers, etc)

          The rest of the collection so far fits into another drawer in an armoire... mostly extra OP, my Co-Pilot, extra key straps, etc. The Shop Bags have all been pulled out of this drawer for grocery bag duty (starting Jan 1 no more plastic grocery bags in our entire county), and now live in my car.
          Satisfied owner of: Azalea Swift & LS, Blk/Plum Swift, Cork LS, Blk/UV LS, Synapse 19 & Co-Pilot, Steel/UV Pilot, Fst/Stl Tri-Star, Fst/Blk/UV SA, UV PCSB, Plum SE, FJN, & SCB, Aubergine WF, LS & Kit, Trvl Trays, Passport Pouches, and Shop Bags in all colors , Multiplying OPs


            Hi dlg
            I store my bags in other bags. I keep my backpacks on hangers on my closet rod. Also you might find some good ideas in a forum thread from 10.26.10 titled Storage for the Bag-o-holic. I can't post a link from this device but hope you can find it with this info.
            Take care,
            List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


              For my EDC (every day carry) bags, I want to keep them easily available. From the kitchen, I have stairs going down to my man-cave. At the top of the stairs, I have a series of hooks attached to the wall. That's were the EDC bags are... the Co-Pilot (Black/Steel), Ristretto for iPad (Steel/Iberian), Medium Cafe Bag (Steel/Cayenne), Super Ego (Black/Forest/Cayenne), Synapse (Navy/Iberian) and Brain Bag (Steel).

              My wife says I'm worse than a woman when it comes to bags. To which, I say at least I'm not into shoes!.

              In a closet adjoining the man-cave, I have a utility shelving unit that holds my Aeronaut (Steel/Ultraviolet) and my semi-retired Zephyr (Cardinal). The Aeronaut stores the various and sundry Cubes, a Travel Tray (Iberian), Snake Charmer (Cardinal), Kit (Cardinal), and Stuff Sacks - all TB - that I use when traveling.

              On the same shelving unit I keep my collection of TB boxes (a habit I picked up from purchasing Apple products for nearly 30 years). Most are empty, but in a small TB box, I keep extra TB Key Straps, packs of zipper pulls, the various clips and straps that I have removed from other TB bags, TB Luggage Tags, and one TB decal which I think came with the Zephyr 6 years ago.

              In another TB box are the various Organizer Pouches that seem to magically appear in my orders.

              And, in yet another TB box, I keep all my TB packing lists/receipts.

              Finally, in the back of the SUV, I keep my beautiful Dyneema Co-Pilot (Iberian/Steel)which works as my tech cable bag for my Apple consulting business.

              Oh... and my wonderful TB Surprise (Black/Steel) that arrived on Christmas Eve ... it is attached to an o-ring in my current EDC, the MCB. I can see I will be ordering more of these soon... one for each of the other bags in my harem.

              Someone please help me!
              I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!


                My Aeronaut, MCB, and WF live in my closet, on top of a storage bin that contains my out-of-season clothing. They room with my circa-2000 Patagonia MLC. The MLC contains all Eagle Creek packing sleeves and cubes; the TB-specific cubes reside in their respective bags.

                All of my OPs live in one of my desk drawers, since that's where I tend to need them. My Synapse is my EDC and it typically sits on the couch when I'm at home, or on the company chair. It's leather and kind of throne-like, which seems appropriate.

                Citizen Canines live in the mud room, near all the other corgi accoutrements.


                  My stash of bags-not-currently-in-use reside in a big Rubbermaid tub at the bottom of the basement stairs just waiting to be pulled out and put to good use :-)
                  Eat well, travel often.


                    My not-in-use packing cubes and pouches are in a Sterilite plastic storage bin under the bed. The Brain Bag, Synapse and Ego are on the top shelf of the closet for quick/easy access...the rest are in use in various locations