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Taking apart old zipper pulls?

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    Taking apart old zipper pulls?

    Anyone know how to take apart the old, rounder, ridged, zipper pulls? I want to transfer them to another Bihn bag, but am afraid of snapping the plastic in the process... I've tried sliding them apart, wedging in my fingernail and prying (not the wise approach...).... I prefer these to the others and just want to move them to a bag I use more frequently than the one they are on...

    thanks for any help!

    Can you post a photo of the zipper pull you're dealing with? I've taken apart some of my recently purchased, thus newer, zipper pulls by sliding the metal tweezers from a Swiss Army knife up inside from the cord end. The tweezers are small and will fit inside where they can squeeze the locking part and unlock it.

    But I wouldn't want you to try it if the older pulls are constructed differently.



      Will work on a pic... but can tell you that the rounded top piece (furthest from the cord) of a new Bihn pull pops off with your fingernail...might be an easier approach for you?

      Thanks for the reply!