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Packing cubes- TriStar vs Aeronaut

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    Originally posted by Fat Crip View Post
    My favourite hotel is the Balmoral (formerly the North British). Right next to Waverly Railway Station... Not cheap, but I like the best! If you're looking for very good, but want a bargain, The Roxburgh on the corner of George Stret and Charlotte Square is very good, but often does some good deals. Alternatively, on a budget, there's a new Travel Lodge right on Princes St. Which must have great views.

    I realise this is a cliché, but you have to visit the castle. The views of both the old and the new towns are stunning. Hollywood House (the queen's official residence in Scotland) and the new Parliament are worth a visit. They are at the opposite end of the Royal Mile to the castle.

    Scottish beer is rubbish! Horrible sweet stuff!

    If you just want a drink, stick to what we do best... single malt scotch whisky, literally 'the water of life'! Please, however, note: 1. there is never an 'e' in whisky, 2. There is never ice in whisky and 3. A little cool water brings out the flavour, but don't drown it! Island malts are, for my money, the best, with the Islands of Islay (pronounced eye-la) Shetland and Jura being my favourites. If they are too peaty and salty for you, try The MacAllan which is a highland malt, so much lighter and finer with neither peat nor salt, but still very drinkable. Just watch what you're being charged - two glasses of a 1984 Isle of Jura cost me £36 the other day, and the waitress assured me she'd discounted it!

    Anything else I can tell you? Just ask!

    Why are you coming? Business or pleasure?

    Eric, you should write travel books! Thank you so much for the wealth of info here!

    The Balmoral indeed looks lovely but I think the Roxburgh hits my price/performance ratio perfectly.

    I love old castles and old churches so your list looks lovely! Sometimes things are cliche because they are that good.

    I am with you on the wine, but the UK tends to have me think beer first. Thanks for the restaurant and wine suggestions.

    My real last name is McPherson so my challenge with whisky is to STOP drinking it. I think my forebears may have emptied the Stewart's storehouse more than once!

    I am doing a trade show in Frankfurt but I have a meeting with somebody on a Monday in Edinburgh. Planning on flying in on a Saturday, playing tourist on Sunday and working on Monday.

    Thank you so much for all the info!


      Originally posted by melonpan View Post
      also, i would simply keep the corresponding packing cubes permanently in each matching bag and keep them there when traveling, even if i am not using it. but thats just me. thought id throw that out there.
      That's exactly what I do. I just don't like squishing them down in there if I use no cube or another cube.
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        Originally posted by Fat Crip View Post
        ... And then there's my current favourite, Oishii in the west end of Rose St. ... Oddly, the waiter is Spanish and the rest of the kitchen staff are a mixed bunch!...
        Is his name Manuel and is he from Barcelona?*

        *only Fawlty Towers fans will get that reference.
        When in trouble, obfuscate.



          A little trivia for you: For the Spanish dub of the series, Manuel's character was renamed Paolo and his nationality switched to Italian.

          I still don't know how they got the hotel sign in episode 11 past the censors.
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            Originally posted by Fat Crip View Post
            What about coordinating the zip-pull on the cube with the one on the pocket it matches with... or am I taking this too far now?



              Miking, that's excellent. Not just colours, but textures too!


                Originally posted by ceb View Post
                Very nice. Any chance of having the bag name included as well - like TS for TriStar, WF for Western Flyer etc.? That would make it easy to dig into our pile of packing cubes to find the right one.
                Hmm, perhaps! I'll check with our factory crew on that one. If we decide to add a label with the bag name -- that's one of those things that might take a little while to appear.
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