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3D organizer, Side Effect or Snake Charmer for Synapse 25?

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    3D organizer, Side Effect or Snake Charmer for Synapse 25?

    I've had my Synapse 25 for a few months now and I absolutely love it! It's my first Tom Bihn bag and I want to add some organizational accessories to it. What is the best fit/most versatile to add to my Synapse 25's front bottom front pocket? I'll probably use it for computer/iPhone/iPad cables and other tech stuff. Thanks!
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    Per this Tom Bihn video, I'd guess Snake Charmer.

    It's also noted on the Loaded Pocketz review how well the Snake Charmer fits in that pocket.

    Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Backpack ReviewLoaded Pocketz
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      Jeff, all three of the items you are considering are excellent products. The most important consideration is the amount of gear you need to tote around as the size of your potential accessories varies considerably. The Snake Charmer is great, but as I found out when it arrived, it is huge... way more than I need for tech gear. I actually (well, mostly my wife who has claimed it as her own) use it for small items of clothing and accessories. I find that the 3D organizer ( I use the mesh ones) is perfect for tech gear. It fits perfectly in the front pouch of my Ristretto computer bag and I'd imagine you could fit several in the Synapse 25's various pockets. The 3D cubes are also great for medications and personal care items that do not need to go in a clear plastic 311 bag. I have several and find they are the perfect size for so many things.


        I have all three products. For tech I like the mesh 3D cubes as I also find the Snake Charmer is generally too big for my travel needs (I use it to store all those gazillions of adaptors and cords I have somehow accumulated but rarely use). I can't work out how to link on this device but I started a thread yesterday showing what I typically carry in terms of tech accessories in a 3D mesh cube (on the pics/videos board). I also use dyneema 3D cubes for non-liquid toiletries. The 3D cube (in all its variations) is my favourite of all TB's smaller organiser cubes.

        The Side Effect is great if you want something that will do double duty as a minimal bag at destination.


          Originally posted by giantsteve View Post
          The Snake Charmer is great, but as I found out when it arrived, it is huge... way more than I need for tech gear.
          It looks like the Snake Charmer can hold roughly the same contents as two 3D organizer pouches. Thoughts? Thanks for everyone's help
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            I used the Snake Charmer this past weekend on my trip to NYC. I had a presentation to make and carried my iPad, MacBook Air 13" in my S25.

            I put the big power cord in one half of the snake charmer and in the other half I put adaptors, rechargers, and a variety of tech things in the other half. The power cord for the MacBook air takes up a lot of room. The Snake Charmer accepted everything easily and fit perfectly in the lower pocket.

            At this point I'm using the S25 for everyday carry also. And the Snake Charmer is not nearly as full :-), nor is the S25 which is large, but comfortable for what I use it for right now.

            So, if you don't have much tech gear, cords, adaptors, something smaller is fine. But the Snake Charmer fits in that pocket perfectly.
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