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How big a bag do I need for my 2 week trip?

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    Thanks for the details, Monkeylady. It is very helpful to see just what you pack-that bag holds an enormous amount! I just can't get over how much room you have in there.

    Do you like the wasabi? I'm thinking either steel or black dyneema. I would love the iberian interior if it was offered but wasabi is my second choice and I am getting antsy so I might not be able to wait for more color choices.


      Originally posted by Travelmom4 View Post
      Here is what I expect to pack: on the planes I will carry a clean shirt, socks and undergarments, wallet & travel docs, kindle, a guidebook, medium cosmetic bag, pashmina, cell phone, water bottle, gum, tissues, compact comb, quart size bag of liquids and a deflated travel pillow.
      Travelmom4, I have a Synapse 19 and tried to mimic your packing list as follows: a Corduroy shirt, wool socks and ExOfficio undergarments in a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag; wallet, cosmetics in a small Organizer Pouch, tissues, medication and cough drops in a Side Effect; travel documents in a medium Clear Organizer Pouch; Kindle; Sierra Nevada Guidebook; cell phone; 20-oz Nalgene water bottle; hair brush; and liquids in a 3D Clear Organizer Cube.

      I do not have a pashmina or travel pillow. The rest, however, fit into the Synapse 19 without any problem. And there is still capacity for more.

      I have 2 of the Synapse 19 -- one in Steel Dyneema/Wasabi and one in Black Parapack/Wasabi. I love the wasabi Dyneema interior! Bought the Steel Dyneema first, then the Black Parapack when the fabric was introduced. The latter is now my EDC work bag.

      I did try the Synapse 25 but found that it was more than I need, and I prefer the S19 on my 5'2" frame.

      Hope this helps.
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        I LOVE the wasabi color (but then I like greens...). I am 5'6" and carried my Synapse 25 (black parapack/Iberian) as my personal item on a recent business trip - it was great to carry and fit well on my frame. While it sounds like your stuff will fit in the Synapse 19, the Synapse seems to hold its shape well - full or empty - so if you have extra space it would still carry well.

        You might consider which would be more useful to you after this trip? As someone else pointed out recently - these bags last a long time...


          You go, Tam! Sounds like the S19 will do.
          Travelmomma4, I really like the wasabi interior for the backpack as it's bright and light and easier to see inside. Sometimes solar interiors are offered, and they're great, too.

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          The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.


            Wow, Tam, well done! Your effort is much appreciated. I was inclined toward the 19 and it sounds like it will be just right for my needs. I would love to hear your thoughts on the parapack vs the dyneema. I've requested swatches of the steel, black, wasabi and iberian dyneema and the parapack so that I can decide. Decisions, decisions, decisions...


              Decisions, decisions, decisions...indeed. But what wonderful choices from which to decide!

              As for Dyneema vs Parapack... They are both lightweight and excellent at not attracting lint, hair, etc... so it boils down to aesthetics for me. I prefer the look of Parapack, especially in a work bag since I think it looks more professional. But that's me. You are wise to ask for swatches so you can compare for yourself. And FWIW I think the Black Dyneema/Wasabi color combo (my Aeronaut) is gorgeous!
              "Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born."
              -- David Whyte