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Will an Ego fit my stuff?

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    Will an Ego fit my stuff?

    Hi, I've been lurking a while, and would appreciate some advice. I'm leaning towards an Ego, but I still can't get a sense of whether or not it will fit my stuff. Here's a photo, and a run down of my daily EDC, which is currently carried in a Patagonia briefcase:

    Click image for larger version

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    - Macbook 13"
    - Small moleskine
    - Small pouch w/ toiletries, etc
    - Pens, chapstick, headphones
    - Papers in file folder
    - Case for sunglasses
    - Lunch (includes a 6x6" ziplock container, plus more) in BuiltNY bag
    - Water bottle (1l sigg)
    - Charger
    - Tissues, etc
    - Winter hat, gloves, in mesh pouch (summer EDC will swap for small windbreaker)
    - Maxpedition EDC (pretty stuffed)
    - First aid kit
    - iphone

    In the summer, I would add an umbrella (v-nox).

    My main concern is my lunch, the containers we use are pretty wide and with the laptop, it doesn't look like it would fit. I definitely want a messenger bag, and not a briefcase or backpack (which I am pretty sure all this would be an easy fit for either....) I just don't like carrying a backpack for work, and while I carry the bag I have today like a messenger bag, it's really not that comfortable. (And the over one shoulder thing just doesn't work for me, falls off...)

    I can fit all this in my old timbku2 messenger bag, but it's just one big bag with no organization, and with the laptop, it's really not usable.

    Will this fit an Ego? The dimensions on the current bag are: 16" x 13.5" x 6.5".

    Super Ego seems way too big for me.

    Thanks in advance!

    Will an Ego fit my stuff?

    Hi Carl0, I'm afraid I have a lot of conditional statements in my reply. First, is your Patagonia bag the Transport shoulder bag? If it is, it's 26L to the Ego's 23L. If you plan on using a Brain Cell with the Ego, you'll also then have less volume to work with for your other items. If you're just barely getting everything into your current bag, then it may not fit in the Ego (and of course if I'm wrong about your current bag then what I've just said may not apply).

    If you love the Ego, the easiest solution to me would be to get it and slim down your lunch bag and box. I've seen both of those products and they're rather large and bulky; maybe replacing them would work for you.

    Finally, if you are using the Transport now, don't rule out the Super Ego. It's only 1L greater in volume and you can use the front strap to compress the contents so the bag doesn't appear under-packed if you've got a lighter load now and again.


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      Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

      It's the lightwire briefcase, no longer made....but everything fits today with a bit of room to spare. The transport is 20x13x6, which is bigger than my bag.

      I love my lunch! I can't slim it down!!!! :-) But really, I usually take a salad, and it's hard to take that in something less wide. I agree, I could carry two bags. But then I'd be carrying two bags....

      The super ego just scares me from the pictures I've seen online. It just seems huge....

      [edit] I just found this link, which says my bag is 23L, although that doesn't quite look like my bag, maybe older? But the dimensions seem the same. [http://www.boutiqueaventure.ca/index.php/patagonia-lightwire-brief-bag.html}
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        I think my set up is similar to yours, at least lunch-wise. Is yours like the square container on the right?

        That one does not fit well in the Ego. The front-to-back depth of the bag is too small. It'd be fine if you put it on its side, though I don't trust these containers not to leak if you have liquids in them. Maybe that's not a concern with salads.

        I ended up switching to the round container on the left, which has the added benefit of a more reliable screw-on closure. It fits nicely in the Ego.



          I have an Ego and I seem to carry a similar load - in addition to what you list, I also have a compact zoom camera, breakfast container, some utility items (Pocket Knife, wrench tool, flashlight, etc) and a larger 15.6" laptop. I use glass-lock lunch containers that lock shut so I can put the containers on their side making them easier to fit. I specifically liked the Ego because I could fit everything inside (my requirement - nothing hanging out most of the time) and had the option to put my water bottle / umbrella / glasses case in the 2 outside side waterbottle spots if I needed more room. Even though it says it can only fit a 4z brain cell (about 15" wide), I can fit a 16" wide hard sleeve that I use for my 15.6" laptop. I will see if I can take some pictures of a similar load for you later today or tomorrow.

          From my experience, I found that the front pocket area is HUGE and I could fit a lot of bulky items - like lunchboxes in it. Also, I found the 2 front zip 'slash' pockets very useful as I can get quick secure access to things without opening the flap. The 4 elastic mesh pockets are great to keep my Ipod / Note 2, writing pad, gum, business cards - anything I needed to get to quickly without opening the flap. The Q-AM strap is also very comfortable and easy to use.

          Hope this helps - and I will try to take some pictures of my Ego (no jokes from the cheap seats ... ).

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            Thanks, tpnl. Do you have link for the glass-lock container? We have some of them (I went on a glass tupperware kick a while ago....oh who am I kidding? I'm still on it...love the stuff.) I never thought of using that...not sure we have the right size, though. Although like the idea above, maybe it's just taking two smaller containers instead of one.

            I have a number of utility items like you; they are all stashed in the Maxpedition EDC organizer. (Which is great.)

            Thanks for the info on the pockets, that definitely is a huge plus. And I would also definitely get the Q-AM strap if I order the bag.



              Here is the link to the set I purchased (I am in Canada - so I get it from ... Canadian Tire ). Walmart also sells that brand as well.

              Glasslock Set, 6-Pc | Canadian Tire

              I use the smallest one (13oz / 400ml) for my breakfast and the medium sized one (33oz / 1L) for my lunch. I picked these ones because they were thinner (less thick) and therefore easier to fit into a non-backpack. I really like the lock function - very solid and confidence inspiring . I used to put them in a ziplock just to be extra sure. But nothing has happened ever that was not my fault (not locking it properly) for 2 years now. Note that officially it does not say it is Oven-safe - just Microwave and Freezer safe. However, I use them all the time in the oven and it is fine - so your call on the Oven abilities.

              I had not heard of Maxpedition until recently when it was mentioned in other threads - very interesting company with neat products that complement TB products.

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              TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!


                Hey, thanks much. I have those glass-locks in various sizes, so I'll try and see if I can make them fit. I haven't tried them in the oven...and we don't own a microwave. :-) I've used them in the freezer, but primary use is to avoid storing with plastic in the fridge.

                Thanks again for the idea and for your help!


                  Ah, the Lightwire! I remember that bag. I think the bag you linked to was the first incarnation, ca about 2007 maybe? I looked up the Lightwire with the curved front pocket, ca roughly 2009, and it came up at 26L.

                  I'm not going to stand between you and your lunch, haha. I think you have good reasons for carrying the items you do, and it's been well-documented that my definition of food is sometimes shady. I think that you could get everything to fit inside the Ego by switching to the rectangular lunch container, and, as tpnl points out, there is quite ample room in the front pocket.


                    Thanks, Badger. So my current bag is a bit bigger...I think maybe the only way to solve this is buy one and see.

                    PS - I won't be taking lunch ideas from you. :-) haha


                      I think that's the best course of action. You'll know right away if the Ego is large enough. If it is, great; if not, you can determine whether its style and other qualities would make the larger Super Ego the right choice for you.

                      No, don't take lunch ideas from me. I would never wish my lunches on anyone.