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6X Horizontal Brain Cell + Pilot?

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    6X Horizontal Brain Cell + Pilot?

    Does anyone have the 6X Horizontal Brain Cell and the Pilot? I'm wondering if I can use these two together. The product listings give 11.3" as the height of the 6X and 11.4" as the height of the Pilot. This combination may be wishful thinking but....

    My issue is that I have the Dyneema Pilot and it seems to "cave" towards the center. I thought perhaps the 6X would give it a little bit more structure, and make it easier to take my MacBook Air 13" in and out more quickly. Currently I am using a Cache with the Pilot; however, it's vertical, because I originally purchased it for use in the S19 and I need to take the whole thing out (MBA + C) each time. It's working alright, but a bit pesky.

    The issue that I forsee is that they are very close in height and I may not be able to shut the Pilot. The benefit however would be that the 6X would do double-duty in my Brain Bag when I want to travel with my camera equipment and I-O.

    Any pictures of how it fits with the Pilot open and closed would be greatly appreciated.
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    Disclaimer - I do not have a Pilot or a Horizontal Brain Cell

    However, I have fit various "larger than recommended" things in my Zephyr which should only hold a 4z max Brain Cell - 12.1" height) The Zephyr is listed as 12.2" in height. However, I can fit a 12.5-13" high hard sleeve similar to a Brain Cell into my Zephyr (13" is a bit tight). I can even fit a larger width than the 4z's 15" (I can fit up to 16")
    Also, if a large packing cube (14.8 x 11 x 2.5") can fit, I would think your 6x Brain Cell should be fine (13.5 x 11.3 x 1.9") as I am sure that the packing cube would bulge a bit more than its 11" height if filled up.

    You should give the TB crew an email or call. They can test fit for you. The only thing that might happen IMHO is that the zippers may be a bit more strained (and I mean only just a bit) - but I have not had any issues with this as the YKK zippers are the best - and one of the reasons I pick TB products.

    Alternately, if you just want to "stiffen" your Pilot, perhaps a piece of corrugated plastic board (can be found at an art store or hardware store) would do the trick.

    Hope this helps

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      Thanks @tpnl. I'm going to order it and try it out -- in the worst case, I can only use it with the Brain Bag. Will update in about a week!
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        If anyone is interested, you CAN fit the 6X into the Pilot, and zip it closed. It adds quite a bit of structure to the bag and of course limits what can go in the main compartment pockets. Will I use it like this... not sure. But I will definitely use the 6X with the Brain Bag. I also got a few olive accessories to go with my recently acquired olive Brain Bag and came to two other conclusions: (1) the olive key strap is AWESOME. I'm really digging this color. Might have to get a few more before they run out and (2) now having olive cordura, ballistic, and parapack (snake charmer), I find that the olives are strikingly similar. This is in contrast to the blue and steel parapack, which seem to be less 'matchy' to prior fabrics. Of all three, my preference is for the cordura or the ballistic. The parapack is lovely, but also shiny. Not sure I would like a whole bag in the parapack.
        Favorite: Steel/Steel Little Swift * Latest: nNordic/NWS Smart Alec *