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Nook pouches in the Pilot

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    Nook pouches in the Pilot

    Do the Nook pouches fit in the pockets in the main part of the Pilot? How about the front section with the large pocket?

    @luvdabags, I don't have a Nook or Nook pouch, but from the dimensions on the Product page, I'd say that the Nook pouches would fit handily into either of the two pockets in the main part of the Pilot, but not into the large pocket in the front section of the Pilot. You might be able to fit the pouch into one of the Front sections of the Pilot if it were outside of the pocket and you let it press very slightly against the mesh boundary with the water bottle pocket in the center.

    From the Product page for the Nook pouch:
    Exterior Dimensions:
    NOOK Simple Touch™ Pouch - 6.7" x 8.3" / 170 x 210 mm
    NOOK Color™ or Tablet™ Pouch - 6.7" x 9.8" / 170 x 250 mm

    The pockets inside the main part of the Pilot give you a little over 7" each, so either of those pouches should fit. You just won't be able to add anything really bulgy to that pocket (e.g. a 7" x 3" x 10" rectangular block). The other way you can check this is by looking at the small Pilot Packing Cube dimensions:
    Small Packing Cube:
    Dimensions: 10.8" x 6.3" x 2.4" / 275 x 160 x 60 mm

    Each of the small packing cubes can sit in one of the front pockets, but they don't completely fill it, and there's a little extra room around the cube. (The front pockets are deeper than the 2.4" depth of the Small Packing Cubes, because it is assumed you might be storing a table or iPad Mini in the large pocket, and pens, phones, etc. in the other pockets.) So the front pocket is probably about 6.5" wide, which is why I said that you can probably put in a 6.7" wide Nook Pouch if you're willing to let it press a bit against the mesh side dividing the pocket from the central water bottle pocket.

    Hope someone with a Nook Pouch and a Pilot can answer you directly, but this should get you started!


      thanks so much, moriond!