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New backpack strap placement on Synapse 19?

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    I originally was solely interested in the S25. I had purchased an S19 used in black /wasabi, and sold it immediately it felt so small. But when I had the chance to pick up an S19 in epic Indigo /solar, I went for it. And I'm very happy. It is perfect for me as a daily bag. I am still interested in the S25 however, because there are times where I would appreciate the extra space. I'm very much in love with my S19 as an EDC after picking it up in this color.
    Okay, now I REALLY want a Dyneema CoPilot!
    I NEED to find a Medium Cafe bag in Dyneema!
    Black Dyneema /Solar is my #1 choice!
    Next would be Steel /steel, or Nordic/solar.
    Looking for Smart Alec in Nordic, or steel /steel Dyneema.
    Also looking for mini OP's in CORK and Solar.


      Originally posted by Chill View Post
      You know guys... just this and I'm seriously thinking if I should skip S19 and go for S25 instead .....
      Order both and return the one you don't prefer. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, cackle, cackle, LOLOL.) That always works well!


        Originally posted by Orangeboys View Post
        Order both and return the one you don't prefer. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, cackle, cackle, LOLOL.) That always works well!
        *muffled laughs at the corner*


          Just thought I should add a note to this much-referenced thread to link to Darcy's post in late January 2016 stating:
          Originally posted by Darcy View Post
          Mid-2015, we switched the shoulder straps on the Synapse 19 back to the "old" version. This was a tough call for us -- some people definitely preferred the new strap placement while others didn't. Ultimately, it seemed the majority preferred the old strap placement, so we went with that.
          So, the bottom line is that the backpack strap spacing being used with the Synapse 19 is no longer the "wide" version that prompted @bchaplin to start this thread, and that was adopted for all versions of the Synapse 19 manufactured after May 2013 up until they changed it back in mid-2015. As of mid-2015, they've gone back to the "old" narrower spacing. Technically speaking, this is not quite as narrow as the strap spacing that was used on the original Synapses, but close to the slightly wider spacing they used for the first 400d Dyneema Synapses in Nordic/Steel that both @bchaplin and I find very comfortable (even more so than the original Synapse strap spacing).

          If you read my followup post (#21) to Darcy's comments, you'll see that the first (and only independently documentable) sign we had of a change in strap spacing on the Synapse 19 was @ceepee's September 2015 post, where she showed comparison pictures of the backpack strap spacing on her late 2012/early 2013 Nordic/Steel Synapse (19) with a Black (Original Halcyon=400d Dyneema) Synapse 19 she received in September 2015, and stated that this was noticeably closer than the strap spacing on her Synapse 25.

          We also had posts dating just a few days before Darcy's January 24, 2016 quoted posts, from people with smaller builds who stated that they were surprised how comfortable the S19 turned out to be, given concerns over the wide strap spacing.

          If you have a Synapse 19 purchased mid-2015, before September, sorry, but you've got to know when it was made, or measure the backpack strap spacing to know which version you have. If you have a Parapack Synapse 19 (only made in Black, Navy, Olive, and Steel), it has to have the wider strap spacing, because they didn't start using Parapack for the Synapse until Fall 2013 (after the switch to the wider strap spacing), and they stopped offering Parapack Synapses before any further adjustments in strap spacing were made. Also, anyone who has a Nordic/Solar Synapse 19 has the wider strap spacing, since Nordic was nearly discontinued around the time the strap changes were made in Spring 2013 (due to low early demand when it was introduced), and the Nordic/Solar Synapse was only offered in Spring 2014 when the demand for Nordic took off in a big way.

          Some other relevant posts:
          • My March 17, 2016 post (#19) in @Mia's Synapse 19 vs Smart Alec thread that details @flips712's comments about the S19. The thread also contains pictures of the S19, Smart Alec, and Guide's Pack worn by @tcook (5'3").
          • My February 16, 2015 post (#5) in @bintobeen's Synapse 25 vs 19 pics for a shorter person? thread. This thread shows a picture of the Synapse 19 and Synapse 25 being worn by two people of roughly comparable height (not short) and distance from the camera to give an impression of the relative size of the packs when worn on the back. (Note that @bchaplin's excellent blog comparison of Smart Alec and Synapse no longer seems to be a working link as of last month, although it did work at the time of that post).
          • My April 6, 2016 post comparing the Synapse 19 and Synapse 25 in @BarryLee's Synapse 19 to Replace a Synapse 25? thread. This mostly discussed which pockets differed in size, but also reference the strap spacing difference.