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Attaching a Guardian Light to the old-style Synapse 19

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    Attaching a Guardian Light to the old-style Synapse 19

    I posted earlier about the new backpack strap placement on the Synapse 19. Sadly, I ended up returning my black S19 because it didn't fit me securely. The most frustrating thing about doing this was the loss of the fitted slot for the Guardian Light (a feature of the new style), which I'd been looking forward to having. A light on the backpack would have made it a lot safer for me to walk home from work.

    For those of you with the older-style S19, have you found a way to attach lighting to it, so that you can be seen by drivers while walking or biking?

    I have tried hanging the light from one of the zippers, but it flops around and is annoying.
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    What about the handle of the bag? Is it possible to attach the light there?
    I don't know if it will still be as visible, it would probably still flop around, but I imagine it should be less than hanging it from a zipper.
    Also not sure if it'll annoy you while picking up the bag.


      I put a blinky on the water bottle pocket zipper.
      Click image for larger version

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        Why not just get a tailor to sew on a webbing loop at the same position as the current version's Guardian Light loop? Perhaps orient the loop to be vertically open instead of side open as it is in the current bag. This is so you do not touch the existing stitching. Spray some tent waterproofing on the stitching to make it water resistent. Since the loop will be at the bottom of the bag, water should not drip easily into the bag through it. Bonus points if they can sew it without breaking though the interior dyneema lining.

        This would probably void any warrantee for that portion of the bag but I do not think it will be a problem.

        Another way is to use wire and physically wire the Guardian light to one of the zipper thread holes - essentially make the Guardian light the zipper pull instead of the string / plastic tip currently used. I would do this for the small middle pocket as it is the most centred on the bag.

        Hope this Helps

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          I use the waist strap - just tighten it around the bag - I had it sitting where the the bottom pocket starts / where the water bottle pocket ends so that it doesn't slip down off the bag. Then attach your light to the waist strap. It sits higher than where the webbing loop is on the updated Synapses, but I preferred it over attaching to a zipper pull or the top handle.

          Previously I attached it to the handle loop, then used a carabiner to one of the main compartment zipper pulls so that it didn't flop around as much.


            @bchaplin Not sura how well this works, since I'm not where I have access to my Guardian light for an actual test. I have split rings in the zipper pulls of Synapse, similar to the arrangement shown by @notmensa in Option 2 of the Locking Zippers thread for the Synapse that shows the way you can clip together the split rings for the 3 zipper pulls on the left side of the bag. Try attaching a split ring to the top right zipper as well. Then clip a Handle Loop through the split rings so that the handle loop stretches between the top zipper pulls, secured by either a small carabiner or a double carabiner clip at the loop end. you can adjust the clip position on the handle loop to act as a stopper to keep the guardian light from sliding along the handle loop webbing. Just unclip the handle loop from the split rings when you don't want to use the Guardian light.

            Or use the waist strap as @bluesquid suggests. You could add a web dominator to the waist strap to keep the Guardian light clipped position fixed.



              This is another concept idea. Not real life tested yet.
              I remember seeing a thread where someone showed how to attach embroidery patches non permanently to TB bags using magnets.
              The thread starter glued magnets between 2 patches and used them to hold the embroidery patches (which had magnets attached the same way) in place.
              If you're willing to do a little DIY, you could add a webbing loop into a magnet sandwich to attach the Guardian Light.
              Depending on the strength of the magnet, it may or may not be enough to secure the light, but because you can drop the inside magnet sandwich into any pocket and use that to position your Guardian Light on the outside, this has a small advantage of being able to place your Guardian Light anywhere on your S19 you want.
              Methods to anchor the light suggested above can be used in conjunction as well for added peace of mind.
              (Wrote this without coffee, hope I make sense)


                Not directly related - how does one attach the Guardian Light to the lanyard? I slid it on but the light doesn't slide smoothly on the buckle. Am I supposed to click it into place?

                The description says 2 batteries are needed; it seemed to come with one, and it works with that one. Nifty little accessory. I got one in white to help illuminate my bag, act as an emergency flashlight, and for general safety. Would make a great gift for students, I think. My only concern is accidentally dropping the light cover as I flip the battery, but if I can avoid fumbling, it will be OK.


                  @GoStanford, there are two types of Guardian Lights. One is made for a lanyard, and the other is designed to slip over a strap through the back of the light, as you see here. Which one do you have?

                  I believe the battery it ships with is actually two CR2032's that are attached to each other.
                  All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
                  Edmund Burke