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Aeronaut + Smart Alec?

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    Aeronaut + Smart Alec?

    I recently got a Smart Alec as an EDC backpack and laptop bag. I'm very happy with it, and it's gotten me thinking about replacing my carry-on sized luggage with a Tom Bihn bag, probably an Aeronaut. However, from what I've read, one of the best features of the Aeronaut is how well it works as a backpack. If I already have my back occupied by the Smart Alec with the laptop, would I really be able to take full advantage of the Aeronaut? How well does the Aeronaut work as just a shoulder bag?

    I have never tried the Aeronaut, but from what I understand about the Absolute Shoulder Strap, they can be quite outstanding as shoulder-luggage. Another one of the features of the Aeronaut are the multiple built-in grab handles scattered on the surface of the bag. This makes it easier to carry, as well as to load/retrieve in overhead bins and to slide under/retrieve from under a seat.
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      I can vouch for it working great as a shoulder bag. That's how I use it almost all the time. Yes it's nice to have the backpack straps, but it's not often I use them. I would even go so far to say that I would having the option not to have backpack straps (and save some weight/space) might convince me to get another Aeronaut. I will note that I have the Absolute Shoulder Strap, and have not tried it without.
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        It depends how long you would plan to carry around the Aeronaut and in what conditions?

        My situation is slightly different with a Synapse 25 but this is how I am planning on using it. I am leaving for Italy in a few days and did a pretty complete test pack last night with my husband. I think there are a couple odds and ends that might be unpacked but pretty much we are packed. I packed a Synapse 25 at the bottom of my Aeronaut that only has a few things we'd need once we arrive. I also packed a PCSB with things we'd need on the plane, put it on one of the zippered ends. Prior to boarding, I'll take it out and then store it under the seat. I could do it with a Synapse 25 but I don't need that big of a bag and I'd like more leg room.

        Now once we are in Italy and checked into our hotel, I'll take out the Synapse 25 and use it as a day bag and if I need to carry the aeronaut and S25 at the same time while transferring hotels, I can either use the handle of the aeronaut for short distances, the absolute shoulder strap for slightly longer distances or do it kangaroo style (S25 in front, aeronaut in back). Or alternatively, go back to a configuration where the S25 is packed at the bottom of the aeronaut and I carry a PCSB with a few travel necessities.

        And as far as domestic travel, we shall see as I'd probably check in my aeronaut but even if I didn't, I'd feel fine walking around an airport with a S25 on my back and carrying an aeronaut with a shoulder strap or by the handle.

        So do you imagine yourself carrying your aeronaut long distances? And you'd have to figure overall that the aeronaut would most likely weigh more than your smart alec and if you are doing long distances, the weight would feel better on your back than your shoulder. or you can kangaroo it if you had to


          I agree with @Leena. I am getting ready for a trip to Italy soon as well, and my packing strategy pretty well echoes hers, although I will be using my SE as my EDC. I especially love the PCSB in an end pocket of my Aeronaut to give me quick access to items I want to retrieve during the flight. I usually keep my Aeronaut under the seat in front of me rather than the overhead bins. I, myself, prefer carrying my Aeronaut as a backpack rather than a shoulder bag, even though I have the absolute strap. The Aeronaut holds ALOT! Fully packed for Italy is 14 lbs. For hubby's it's 19 lbs. These loads are easily managed in backpack mode, but even with the absolute strap, it's can be very fatiguing very quickly.


            I forgot, I also saw this previously, someone traveling with both


              Thanks all!