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Aeronaut 30 vs Tri-Star

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    Aeronaut 30 vs Tri-Star

    Does the A30 allow the same side bulge that the Tri-Star does? I would like to see a side-by-side video comparison of the two with the same packing list.


    No, A30 does not allow the same side bulge that the Tri-Star does. I would suspect that any bulge in the A30 would be similar to what you see in the A45 as they are the same basic design. See the video section - "A Week in Montreal" video. Essentially, a fully packed A45 looks bit like a capsule pill or pillow. It is mainly the end pockets that bulge creating a dome effect. There is still some bulging on the sides but it is not as obvious due to the fact that the bulge continues onto the end pockets. I would suspect that the A30 would do the same. Either way, I believe it would less obvious that it is bulging than the Tri-Star at first glance.

    If you are thinking between a Tri-Star or Aeronaut 30 and worried about bulging, I would think along the lines of the shape of things that best fit in each and what you will pack.
    The Tri-Star would be if you had mostly flat items that can be packed end to end and not too thick when piled up. In business, most things are flat or can be made flat - files, pens, laptops, suits, etc.
    The Aeronauts would be for large bulky items or a lot of items of different thicknesses - sweaters, toys, presents, etc. It is precisely this ability to handle various sized items at once that makes the Aeronauts so good.

    I am not planning to get a A30 as I have an A45 and Tri-Star already so no video comparison from me. But, that Night Flight Travel Duffle looks cool too - perhaps a good companion to the Aeronauts / Star / Flyer ...

    Hope this helps

    TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!


      I currently pack into two square-ish packing cubes for clothes, a tube cube for toiletries, pack one pair of shoes each in its own plastic bag, plus extras. These could go either bag. I sometimes have a laptop.