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0.16 Clear Urethane Discoloration

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    Good to know. will try this weekend!


      What percentage of of isopropyl alcohol did you use? The cheap stuff is like 50%, the better stuff is 75%, and I think the premium stuff is 90% or so, the rest being likely water.
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        I used alpha metals brand with 70 percent alcohol. This is an industrial alcohol product. Cotton balls probably don't provide enough bite to clean the film off. I used a window cleaning microfiber cloth which is a tighter weave than most microfiber.
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          While I realize most of you already know this, but it’s probably worth mentioning. In small quantities limited breathing of isopropyl alcohol fumes pose little health concern. However, it can be flammable at room temperature, so avoid any points of ignition.


            Okay, everyone -- here's the scoop. I hope this helps clear up this issue (ha ha... ugh).

            First: thanks for your continued patience. We wanted to wait for an official word from the folks that make our urethane as well as try some experiments ourselves to figure out a) the cause and b) a fix.

            Big thanks to those of you who sent in your clear urethane items for our evaluation. What we found is that the cloudiness of pouches and other items varied: some were barely cloudy at all (some minor cloudiness over time and use can be expected) and others were more cloudy.

            We think we've discovered the cause of the cloudiness: stuff we put in clear urethane items (toiletries, food, other stuff) or the way we wash them (detergents, soaps, even natural stuff) can leave residue on the clear urethane resulting in cloudiness.

            The good news is that (as many of you have already discovered) the cloudiness is remedied by cleaning the clear urethane items with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton pad or you can use what I used -- disposable eyeglass cleaners. Note that, when cleaning your urethane item with alcohol, it'll look way shinier when it's wet with the alcohol than when it dries, kinda like how a wet rock looks shinier than a dry one.

            Here's a pre-cleaning photo of a 3D Clear Cube in Solar that was sent in.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	beforecleaning.jpg
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            Here's a photo of it after being cleaned with the eyeglass cleaners.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	aftercleaning.jpg
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ID:	293392

            Here's a pre-cleaning photo of a Clear Quarter Cube in Wasabi that was sent in.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	precleaning.jpg
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ID:	293393

            Here's a photo of it after being cleaned with the eyeglass cleaners.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	postcleaning.jpg
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ID:	293394

            I held a clean handkerchief underneath the urethane while I pressed and rubbed the top of it with the eyeglass cleaner. Note that, if I didn't use a handkerchief, my fingers made the bottom side of the urethane cloudy-ish. Kindof like how you might leave fingerprints/marks on glass if you touch it.

            That said, over time and with frequent use, it's possible that some permanent cloudiness may occur. It's not a fault of the material and, in our experience, clear urethane items with this minor level of cloudiness continue to be totally useful. It's just like fabrics, zippers, or any of our other materials -- we use the best of everything, so you can count on it to last significantly longer than other materials of lesser quality, but they will nonetheless show some wear over time.

            Folks who were kind enough to send in their clear urethane pouches and bags are being contacted via email today and tomorrow. If you still have questions about your individual bags or pouches, [email protected] and we can take it from there.
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