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updated S25?

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    updated S25?

    Hey guys, so, due to my waiting so long to order my synapse, turns out its now on backorder.
    I do have a question though, and I may be off base. Is the Synapse 25 or 19 being updated? I saw that the new Verde thread with the tristar that looks amazing btw, says the synapse is being updated....
    Can anyone tell me what is being changed on it? And just the 25 or the 19 also?

    Thanks guys. Anyone know if the synapse will be available in the Verde?

    I love this forum....

    thanks for the help guys!


    I thought it was just that the zippers are being flipped the other way now, so that the zipper tracks are visible. Also, now you will have big silver pulls. Does anyone else know if there are any other changes?

    @d.weglarz- Verde is ballistic nylon, not cordura. Synapses are not made in BN. But if you want to get a Smart Alec one day, you could wait for a Verde one!


      I read somewhere that it will be more O-Rings added. I am waiting to order the updated S25 & A45 together!
      So much to catch up!


        Can you elaborate on the zippers? Will it look better than they already look? Or for function? I'm having a hard time seeing it.

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          The zippers will be like the ones used on the A30. ETA: If, it is indeed the zippers, which I've read is happening.

          They are flipping them for more durability. Also, the metal zipper pull should be less prone to scratches.

          ETA 2: I found that instagram picture of what i think is the S25:

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            Those are the gun metal grey zipper tabs replacing the older corded zipper pulls in @Pokilani's Instagram image post.



              Thanks! So, Im now wondering if I should wait for the upgrades.....oh boy. I don't think I can take anymore waiting. I suppose I could always sell the old one if the new one comes out and I feel the need to have it...I appreciate the clarification.