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French Blue colour question

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    French Blue colour question

    I have a question about French Blue. My daughter is starting High School soon and wants a Synapse 25. We are waiting for the Navy/Ultraviolet, but she wants the zippers the old way. So if they will be available again then it would be the updated version I guess.
    She also likes the French Blue (so do I) but I worry how dirt repellent and tough this material will be. I have the Daylight in French Blue, but its so far unused (I am somewhat reluctant to get it dirty to try it out).
    My daughter is quite a tomboy and heavy on her gear. Does anyone here has had experience with French Blue getting dirty easily? I am not expecting anyone here to do a dirt test...just thought maybe that someone here had it for a while in use.

    I suspect @icebeng can help you here, since he ordered a French Blue Synapse (and Daylight Backpack) almost immediately. Of course, he may be "babying" that bag, but he probably has experience using both French Blue bags. (I know it's not the same as Janine's watermelons and toilet paper tests, but still…).


      Lol I must have missed your initial posting, vivelly, sorry.
      MCB, DLBP, S19 and S25, all in French Blue
      All of them have only been used in cities though, I haven't brought any of them out in the wilderness before.
      The MCB and DLBP are slightly more babied since they tend to carry lighter loads and stay on me till I get to sit or settle down somewhere.
      The Synapses however, get heavy as I load them up with various stuff, they usually get put down on the floor 1st chance I get, this includes floors of public transport, my office spaces and the various staff canteens I eat at.
      So basically, my bags are all city mice lol
      Food stains wise, I'll need to veer off slightly, got an LCB and MCB in Storm, these are the guys that got "food baths" courtesy of my favorite nephew chocolate milk, clear chicken soup, mushroom soup, Mountain Dew and the worst was Japanese curry. All separate incidents, not all at once! What I'm trying to say is, Storm is lighter in color and should show stains more clearly than French Blue.
      The whole lot of them, both the French Blue and Storm tribe, are still looking brand new. Whatever messes I or my favorite little Terror has managed to inflict on them has so far washed off with no problem.
      You may also want to take into account that I er... have more bags than the average non-Bihnion, they all get rotated for use, but would not see the same sort of wear as someone who uses the same bag day in and out for everything.
      Apologies about the long post, hope it helps somewhat!


        Thanks Icebeng, that was very helpful. I might just go for the French Blue one, its such a pretty colour.