EDIT: Answered my own question. yes, AN 11"MBA (even with the cache) will fit inside the FS, as per this review. Any pics/exprerience still appreciated, original post below.

I'm thinking about purchasing a vertical FS to set up as a carry-all for tech stuff, which would then be placed into my Smart Alec (for those of you that have been following my SA vs A30 debate, I'm rekindling the romance here before moving onto the next thing). A small camera (Nikon P7800--small by SLR means, not P&S), Nook, cables, and an external Hard Drive are some of the things I'm imagining (and enjoying) to put inside the FS.

My main question is:will an 11" MBA fit on the backside of the FS? If so, this could be the perfect solution for all of my tech, while also giving good form to the SA's vast interior.

Any thoughts on this? Any feedback on the FS, the FS and MBA together, and the FS inside an SA are especially appreciated.

As always, much love.