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Choices for a Diaper Bag

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    Choices for a Diaper Bag

    So, considering choices for a diaper bag, I'm wondering both about what bag, and what to put in it.

    My wife and I are expecting our first child and I'm angling for a new bag that can serve as a diaper bag. So, I thought I'd lean on the tremendous experience of the forum-goers here. I should probably start by admitting that I have no idea what all is common to keep in a "diaper bag", this is our first rodeo, so it's hard for me to guess at an appropriate size of bag and useful compartmentalizations. Any people that could note their baby load outs would be much appreciated.

    Based on gut feel, it seems like the Synapse 19 and Night Flight might be 2 top candidates. The other thing I like about a TB bag for this purpose is that it'll have future use well beyond its initial purchase intent. That is something I don't think could necessarily be said for a lot of bags sold as diaper bags. So I'm also trying to keep in mind how a new bag will complement my other luggage. We currently have a couple tri stars that we use on trips of up to 3 weeks, a pile of packing cubes and accessories, packing cube shoulder and backpack that are used for day excursions, and a pilot that is my EDC for work.

    All insight appreciated. Thanks!

    I haven't dealt with babes in diapers for ummm decades, but here are my thoughts. The DLBP, PCBP ( you said you had this one) or the LCB are all additional options worth considering. One of the forum members (credit Janine with this) also posted about using the Snake Charmer for diapers and wipes. As a result, the Snake Charmer is referred to in some circles as the "Diaper Charmer." It would provide some organization in bags with less organizational features than the Synapse 19.


      Choices for a Diaper Bag

      Congratulations! I generally use a PCSB as a diaper kit, which I throw into whatever bag I'm carrying (usually an S19). I have a t-shirt for me, a change of clothes for the kids, a thin swaddling blanket, a roll-top dry sack for laundry, two or three diapers and about a dozen wipes in a ziplock bag in the PCSB. My diaper kit has become much more streamlined than it started.


        We just had our first baby 10 days ago and have been using a forest Pilot. Its pretty awesome so far. I'm using two pilot packing cubes (one for diapers, burp cloths etc, one for clean clothes. And a Clear quarter packing cube for food, plastic bags etc. It works pretty well if you want a minimalist, masculine bag. I'll post something soon once we have it all figured out.


          I'm also expecting our first child to. I have a synapse 19 already I'm just trying to find an accessory that will work well ... I didn't even think of the PCSB ...

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            My kids are out of diapers these days, but I always found having a smaller bag(s) that could be popped into whatever I was carrying worked the best. Initially, you have to figure out what sort of packer you are, and this may change a lot from the pre-baby stage. Go with the style of bag that you like best--I always liked a tote best for the ease of grabbing without having to unzip, and while the kid is tiny, he/she won't run off while you set the bag down and rummage around, rather, you need to be able to do it with one hand while the other holds the kid. Later, you need to be able to sprint after someone who is blithely running in front of moving traffic while giggling and looking in some other unrelated direction, so being hands-free at that stage is helpful. So, if you have "action packs" that you can move from bag to bag, it is perfect. One to hold diapers, wipes, a changing pad, butt cream/etc, a gallon ziplock for gross or sticky things, a few receiving blankets, and a onesie for the kid in case he/she manages to do that poo-up-the-back thing unexpectedly. This also means you can leave the huge bag with your spouse and take just the kid and that pod into the bathroom to avoid bag-on-gross-floor issues when possible. Another pack for full change of clothes for kid, new shirt for mom, any first aid bits you feel you need, and a few more receiving blankets/cover for nursing. Another for feeding things if you bottle feed. Then, your stuff/wife's purse bits. I would think a swift or a pilot or a S19 should cover these for size. But new parents sometimes feel like they need lots of stuff for crazy eventualities, and that is OK! The "action pack" solution allows you to have essentials, and then up or downsize the outer bag, and also add in other needs like cold weather blankies, or a toy pack when they are a bit older, etc.

            Finally, your wife is cooking and delivering this kid. Let her choose. Happy wife, happy life!


              Congrats! Your kiddo will be the most amazing thing ever!!!! (I know ours is!) :-)

              S19 is what I use for a diaper bag. Here's my setup:

              - In larger Eagle Creek cube: diapers, wipes, disposable Munchkin bags (keeps poop in, odors out...work really well), hand sanitizer. Basically all the things you need to change a diaper in one separate bag.

              - In smaller EC pouch: extra clothes, small first aid kid (kid size bandages), extra wipes, washcloths, extra roll of bags

              - In TB clear cube: A&D, toy cleaner, other liquidy cleaner things

              - Changing pad (from my first diaper bag that I stopped using), extra waterproof changing pad

              - Boogie wipes, Johnson wipes

              The EC bags go in the main compartment of the S19, along with my first aid kit, and whatever extra clothes, etc, we need. The clear cube and two packs of wipes go in the lower front pocket of the S19. The changing pads go in the sleeve in the main compartment.

              This still leaves both side pockets open for EDC essentials, eyeglass case, etc. It also leaves room for a water bottle in its usual pocket.

              Hope this helps!

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                Thanks for all the insight, tips and nice words!