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Stuff Sacks in Aeronaut 30

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    Stuff Sacks in Aeronaut 30

    Would love to see some pics regarding sizing and fit. Specifically interested if 2 #2s will fit nicely in an end pocket. Would love to have one for socks and the other underwear

    Am envisioning a small EC pack-it Folder + Medium eBags Packing Cube (of slightly smaller but similar dimension to EC Small folder) and a Horizontal Freudian Slip inside the main compartment. Any specific thoughts on Freudian Slips inside the A30? I have an 11" MBA and am interested in putting all of my tech inside a Freudian. Camera, External Hard Drive, Nook, and Chargers are my main gear that would go inside. Judging by pockets, Vertical seems better suited for me (especially considering my main use for a30 is backpack) but the dimensions seem a bit wide for the A30s main compartment without unzipping either side.

    Don't have time to take pics atm but I can tell you with certainty that 2x #2 stuff sacks will fit with no problem and maybe even with room to spare.

    Re: FS. I don't own one right now but I'll say it is larger than you might think (if you already have one I'm sorry for telling you something you already know). The issue I could see is getting it in and out of the A30 when the bag is somewhat full. Ymmv but it may work better to group things together in more easily manageable configurations: your cables all in a 3D OC and tucked away somewhere when you're traveling and have everything charged up already, your nook in a padded pouch in the lid or side zipped pocket, and so on. The A30 has lots of space to tuck things here and there, and putting things on a static grid like the FS doesn't help you take advantage of that space. I might be thinking it's less convenient than it actually would be in practice, though, so hopefully someone with both items can test it and tell you for sure.

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      I haven't looked too closely at how the dimensions of the A30 compare to the A45, but I just tried my #2 stuff sack in my A45. It looks like two of them would fit well in this bag, but not so sure about the smaller version.

      Click image for larger version

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        As always, thanks for the help everybody. Getting closer and closer to placing a pretty huge order.

        @ChrisG , thanks for the photo--it definitely gives me an idea of what I'm working with. 2 fully stuffed #2s seem as if they would comfortably fill an end pocket of the A30. Now I just have to decide their colors ...