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United Airlines Carry on

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    United Airlines Carry on

    Has anyone traveled on United Airlines with the new carryon size limits, will the Pilot fit the personal carryon limit, 17x10x9
    and actually flew with it, thanks

    Since it's just slightly too tall, but not nearly as wide as the night flight (which is the exact dimensions you posted), I doubt anyone would look twice. The NFTD slightly exceeds Allegiant's personal item dimensions and I didn't have any problems, twice now. Allegiant should be more strict in fairness because they charge for a carryon -- only the personal item is free.

    Good luck!

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      You can reference this blog post on the new size limitations:

      United Airlines

      In short, the actual sizer dimensions are 1" larger in length and width than the limit:
      Actual sizer dimensions: 9″ x11″ x 18″
      This makes the Pilot safe to use as a personal item.

      As to my experiences - I personally have taken a Synapse 25 (3” too wide and 3.4” too tall) as personal item for a United Airlines flight with no issue (my Tri-Star was my carry-on and there was no issue taking both into the cabin).

      Hope this helps

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        I flew United with a Pilot and a NFTD together, both in Dyneema, and had no issues. Some people on the forums mentioned that gate agents had bag sizers out during the boarding process. I didn't have that experience. I think some of it is relative; when you see people lugging a rolling suitcase, pillow, backpack, purse, newspapers, sandwich, and coffee, then having a Pilot looks OK, and is OK in my experience for domestic flights.


          My full Western Flyer fit perfectly in the UAL personal bag sizer.


            You'll have no problems with the Pilot. I've flown many times on United with mine (with 15" macbook pro retina in the back pocket) and the Pilot even fit standing up under the seat in front of me. It was nice cause if you place it in the middle then you still have room on either side of the bag to place your feet.