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Aeronaut : flap opening direction ?

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    ... which end do you open the banana? ...

    I too have been using my A45 sub-optimally! Perhaps an instruction manual is needed - Ikea style. Its like finding a secret pocket that you never knew existed!

    Thanks for the pics @casun!

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      Originally posted by ceepee View Post
      I've been opening it the 'wrong' way as well. Maybe TB needs to start supplying instructions with it's bags 😄
      In this case, video -- and there probably is exactly that video already there, somewhere on the site

      I honestly never thought about it until reading this thread.


        this thread is hilarious now.


          Thank you Darcy, I understand now.
          I doubt however this is the best way to use it, if only because of the number of replys in this way ! I am quite surprised.
          My analysis is : when packing / unpacking the bag, we may have few room for it, for example when putting it on our knees. In such a case, the flap will obstruct, especially if it is already filled. Such a way of loading may be absolutely necessary for people equipped with short arms, see ? The correct side seems be interesting for filling the flap on solid surfaces. If the main compartment previously loaded does not spread the content on the flap...
          But we will see soon as many users will try the correct side now !
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            The Aeronaut lid may have been designed to be opened towards the user but it's not as if the bag will explode/disintegrate/burst into tears if you open it away from you.

            I have ineffectual Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and I have never had a problem opening my Aeronaut. It became clear pretty quickly in use that the end compartments (and/or their zippered side pockets) are better for storing quick-access items than the main compartment or lid pocket, so I rarely have to access the main compartment en route. I've never given much thought to the direction in which I open the Aeronaut lid, but it's precisely that I've never thought about that I can comfortably say that there's little reason to worry that the design is suboptimal.


              Originally posted by Badger View Post
              I have ineffectual Tyrannosaurus Rex arms.
              I cannot wait to see this.
              Eat well, travel often.


                It seems I know only open my Aeronaut wrong, I carry it wrong in the first place. I.e. the main opening is facing my body (carrying in my left hand). If I chuck it flat on a bed/flat surface like that, I'd end up flap down. What I usually do is stand it on it's side, then tip it over, so the handle is facing away from me.


                  I can't seem to shake the flap away habit. Yup, I'm a rebel.

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