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Help planning a Synapse 25 purchase

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    Help planning a Synapse 25 purchase

    After many years of admiring TB bags from afar, I think it's time to finally make a purchase!

    I'm a freelance designer and live out of my backpack. Currently I use a Belkin pack which has served me well but isn't the most comfortable and is quite rigid and therefore I sometimes have trouble squeezing a waterproof in there when the weather isn't looking great.

    I'm in the UK so I want to make sure that, due to shipping costs and times, I get the order right. It's going to be a Christmas present to myself

    I'm 6'2" so the Synapse 25 seems the ideal backpack, plus I think it's one of Tom's best looking designs (sorry Brain Bag fans, but that thing is ugly!). Although I love the French Blue and the Coyote versions, I think I'm going to play it safe and go with Black/Wasabi (which is on backorder *sob*).

    So far so good!

    What I need help with is planning my accessories!

    I will need a cache for my 15" MBP Retina but if I pick the one via the Synapse page, will that be the top opening version? So I don't have to remove it from my pack?

    I'd like a snake charmer - Will that fit a MBP charger with extension in one side and then some other cables (HDMI etc) in the other side? And will that then fit in the bottom external pocket of the Synapse? Is that compartment then completely full?

    I also want to get a Freudian Slip - with that and the cache in the main compartment, is there room for a patagonia nano gilet? Or a PacLite waterproof jacket?

    I don't have a huge amount of small bits (business cards in holder, magic mouse, 3x USB drives, screen cloth, in-ear headphones, Field Note steno pad, Rhoda A5 DotGrid pad, Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer Pencil Case) Do you think the FSlip will be enough? Or should I order any organiser pouches? I was going to order 1 for small personal items like paracetamol. Would you recommend the long or short key straps for them? Again, was going to order 1 long for my keys. Which type of pouch material would you recommend? I don't really fly so clear isn't that useful for me.

    Sorry for the long post, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    One thing I love about the S25 is that a Side Effect fits in one side pocket, and a 3D clear organizer cube fits in the other.


      Just got the Synapse 25 last week (upgraded from the 19) and I love it.
      The Snake Charmer will easily fit the MBP charger (and the cord if you use it) on one side, with tons of room for all the other cables on the other side. I also keep my spare glasses case on the "other" side and a small mouse, as well as a bunch of other odds and ends. There's a lot of room in the snake charmer. That said, the Charmer does take up the bulk of that bottom compartment. You can certainly slip more in there, but I'd say it uses 80% of the space.

      I'm pretty sure the cache on that page is the top-loader, but you can drop customer service and email and they'll confirm it. They have great customer support.

      I'm a big fan of the pouches. One of the huge benefits of the Tom Bihn system is staying organized. I want to have my whole work environment with me when I travel and I don't want to hunt around for something. So, I use the Dyneema/nylon organizer pouches. I have a medium one, which I use for my Myfi card, some business cards and a small notebook. I have another small pouch that I use for an external iOS charger and charging cables. I keep the small one in one of the side pockets; the medium attaches to an o-ring inside the main compartment. So, I have everything I need, and never have to hunt for it - at the office, the airport or a hotel.

      You'll love the Synapse 25 - it really does have room for everything without feeling like a big bag.


        Thanks TavaPeak. I looked at the side effect as you suggested and like that it has a side pocket also. Can't have too much organisation! So I think I might get one of those.

        And thanks BarryG, that really, really helps. I'll email support as you suggest. Hopefully they can also give me a bit of info on the main compartment space when the FS and Cache are in place.

        I was looking at the bag colour options with my wife and she said the ones with red interiors look like they've cut something living open! She has been watching a lot of House MD on Netflix recently though...


          Bright interiors are smart -- I forget that sometimes, have always gone for steel / black kind of interiors, but the bright colors make it easier to find black electronics / bits of clothing.


            I just got an S25 (Grey/UV, which is lovely) and yes, the cache ordered along with was the top opening with rails. It came already installed as well, which. Was nice.

            Stupidly, I didn't order a snake charmer when I ordered the backpack, so one is now on its way. I did order the FS and I think it would hold all of your items. I am actually sending mine back as it felt like more organization than I needed, but I can also see how it would be useful.

            The side effect is the best thing ever. You definitely need one (or maybe two :-)


              Well. I've only gone and done it...

              Synapse 25 with all the trimmings ordered. Looks like most of it's in stock apart from my french blue snake charmer. So hopefully I'll be receiving it this side of Christmas

              Can't wait! Thanks for the help and advice everyone!