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Parental Unit as EDC?

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    Parental Unit as EDC?

    I am seriously considering picking up a PU as my everyday carry/briefcase-ish bag. Although I adore my Synapse 19, and my Co-Pilot when I need something more professional looking, the Co-Pilot isn’t quite big enough. I know what you’re thinking – “get a Pilot”. I’ve considered that, but I’m not a fan of squarish EDC bags (the Co-Pilot is small enough that it doesn’t bother me). When I’m in need of a bigger bag, I use my Waterfield Designs Medium Sling Bag, which is a really good size and stands up when placed on the floor. However, the few pockets it does have on the inside are sewn into the outer walls of the bag, causing the bag to fall in on itself when I’ve stuffed the pockets full. I love the sling bag because I can wear it on my shoulder, or cross-body; it doesn’t look boringly business-like, and it’s really comfortable.

    I don’t carry a laptop much at all, and when I do it’s an 11” MacBook Air (in a Cache), so I’m fairly certain it would fit if needed. I always carry an iPad Air and my Kindle, and sometimes a standard size folder with papers. Most of what I carry now is in an assortment of organizer cubes and pouches, and I can just see myself finding a home for each of those within the many pockets of the PU. Somebody help push me over the edge! And if anyone has pictures of a PU being used in this fashion, that would be awesome.

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    @nukediver, I also want to use the PU as an EDC. Will report back -- if this meeting ever ends so I can rush home to welcome the new addition to my TB family.
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      Send me the number of where you are and I call with an emergency say: our Smart Alec fell of the stairs and I fear for his smartness or so.
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        Ditto! Can't wait for pictures!! And @taminca - wishing you had an invisibility cloak to help you escape.
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          Haven't touched one yet, but in pictures I'd say it looks like a good EDC bag, so long as you're light on always-carried electronics. A tablet of some kind or a large-screen phone, an e-book reader ... but not a large laptop, or (these days) probably a medium one, either. But other than that ... fleece, snacks, writing utinsels, the kind of things I think of as EDC items, can't see why not.