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Please help me choose color combo on Aeronaut 45 for a guy

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    Please help me choose color combo on Aeronaut 45 for a guy

    I'm a firm believer in the "One Bag" approach to packing and after doing some research I finally decided on the Aeronaut 45 even though it's more expensive than the others on my shortlist:
    • Red Oxx Skytain = US$255
    • L.L. Bean's Quickload Travel Pack = US$130
    • Patagonia Transport MLC Luggage 45L = US$180
    • eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender = US$100

    So I go to order one but it says they're all on backorder until late Feb. I email TB and get a reply saying they have have one or two that are still hanging around in these colours:
    • Aubergine/Wasabi
    • Steel/Iberian
    • Verde/Steel
    • Black Dyneema/Iberian
    • Steel/Steel
    • Coyote/Steel
    • Black/Wasabi

    I like a bright colour inside so I'll go with Iberian but Steel looks like a metallic grey colour? On the colour charts, they have 3 Steel colours:
    1) Steel Nylon Parapack
    2) Steel Cordura
    3) Steel Ballistic Nylon

    Does anyone know which Steel they use in the Steel/Iberian colour?
    Cordura looks like a heavier/thicker weave/texture than the nylon?

    Can someone please help me choose a colour combo for a guy who will be using it for a 4 month trip to South America and then for regular scuba diving trips every month for 4-5 days duration. I'm leaning towards Steel/Iberian.. yay or nay?

    Thanks for any help.

    @noodles, welcome to the forum!

    For the A45, the only "Steel" exterior color you can get is Steel 1050d High Tenacity Ballistic Nylon - so not the Parapack or Cordura grays.
    There was a 400d Steel Dyneema version but that has been discontinued (but TB customer service may have a few around if you like the gray with white lines that is Steel Dyneema).

    I think Steel / Iberian looks fine. My personal favorite is Black / Iberian but Steel / Iberian would be my other combination as I tend towards conservative exteriors (e.g. business) and bright, easily seen interiors where I can find things in low light. IMHO, as with all silver / steel colors, it does not show dirt as much as other colors.

    If not Steel or Black Ballistic Nylon, the Black Dyneema / Iberian would be a nice lightweight option that is less rigid than the Ballistic Nylon for a more flexible bag that can stretch a bit more with only slightly less overall tear and abrasion resistance compared to the Ballistic Nylon. The Coyote exterior is also very stunning if you are into natural earth tones and is universal in its look (think Beige) - but with the current option of steel interior, you would not get the easy to find interior items advantage that Iberian allows.

    Another option to look into is the A45 sister bag at http://www.skookumdog.com/p/road-duffel-bags.html. I can imagine the outside straps helping to secure your flippers.

    To your question on Cordura thickness / weight, it is ever so slightly lighter than the Ballistic Nylon (1000d vs 1050d) but is more of a natural looking, rougher fibre. But, Cordura is not an option for the A45 so I would not worry about it!

    Hope this helps


    If you can wait, Navy / Iberian is an excellent combo too.
    For me, my daily work (financial sector) EDC is a Black / Iberian Cadet or Pilot and casual backpack is a Black / Iberian S25 and I just got a Black / Iberian SA so I think Black or Steel combined with Iberian is an excellent choice for a guy IMHO. The Iberian / Red / Orange interior is also popular with other trendy bag manufacturers in the market so it is established as a good color to use in laptop bags.
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      The Aeronaut uses Steel Ballistic.

      Does the guy like red? Would Steel interior be better?


        I'm a guy...at least the last time I looked.

        I'd suggest either black or steel for the outside and a brighter color for the inside. I have a black/steel Aeronaut and in hindsight would have gone with a brighter interior color. (Verde and Coyote would be secondary choices.)

        For the type of trips you're planning, I'd suggest you stay with the ballistic nylon version over the dyneema one.

        I'm assuming you're planning on keeping clothes in the Aeronaut and not dive equipment?

        BTW, I own/have owned every bag you listed except the Redoxx. You're making an excellent decision going with the Aeronaut. It's my top choice for wheel-less travel.
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          Outside: black, steel, navy.
          Inside: anything but purple.


            If a bright interior is important to you, I'd pick Wasabi over Iberian. I like Iberian better myself, but Wasabi is brighter. (I have a navy/Wasabi A45 myself.)


              Originally posted by terayon View Post
              If a bright interior is important to you, I'd pick Wasabi over Iberian. I like Iberian better myself, but Wasabi is brighter. (I have a navy/Wasabi A45 myself.)
              Agreed. I may be the only one, but I find Iberian really distracting as an interior colour. It's more or less the colour of fresh blood and I find the intensity of Iberian makes it hard for me to find stuff when it's used as lining. Like @terayon I would vote for wasabi, though I think Steel is OK too. It's not hard to spot things in a Steel-lined bag, though Wasabi makes that a bit easier.


                Consider Black/Wasabi

                Great combo.


                  Agreed - Black/Wasabi

                  If it were me, that would be the one I'd go for here.

                  Wasabi (I don't have anything w/ wasabi interior, but I've seen them) is much smarter than the darker ones I've generally chosen.

                  Everything goes with black.

                  (Or Steel, too, but ... black.)

                  Originally posted by rafoster View Post
                  Consider Black/Wasabi

                  Great combo.


                    42-year-old male here who has put my Original Aeronaut (45) to heavy use over the past seven years. Colors are very subjective (I love the darker greens like Forest), but I have one thing to add about the Aeronaut in particular.

                    In my experience, a bright interior is much less of a factor in the Aeronaut than it is in backpacks or briefcases. I use packing cubes and toiletry bags, and nothing is ever "loose" in my Aeronaut, except perhaps a sweatshirt or light jacket. Certainly nothing small enough that a bright interior color would become a factor in finding it. Add to that the relatively shallow depth of an Aeronaut compared to most other bags.

                    Having said all that, I *love* the Iberian interior color. I have it on my Black Co-Pilot and my Black Dyneema Synapse 25, and it matches those two colors beautifully.

                    Good luck!
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                      Thanks guys, I think I'll go with black/wasabi.
                      Does anyone know if the A45 in black/wasabi will look like the pic below with the white check lines, or is it a solid wasabi colour?
                      I think this is called Wasabi Dyneema but I assume it's the same colour without the white lines?
                      Click image for larger version

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                        It will have the white check lines.

                        All Dyneema fabrics do.


                          Please help me choose color combo on Aeronaut 45 for a guy

                          Hi Noodles. All dyneema have the white check lines. So yes, it will look like the picture. I wish I liked Wasabi. It reminds me of split pea soup.

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                            Thanks but I'm not sure if it is Wasabi Dyneema.
                            I was told the A45 is available in "Black/Wasabi".
                            Does this mean it's Wasabi Dyneema or do they also make a solid Wasabi colour for the interior?

                            Edit: Do people think Dyneema is the best fabric for the exterior?
                            I'm not sure if I like the white check pattern but if it's more lighter/durable, then I'll get it.

                            They also have Black Dyneema/Iberian available but I think the solid black looks better.
                            Click image for larger version

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                            Click image for larger version

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                              If you order the Black / Wasabi A45, it will be exactly as the picture you posted:
                              Black 1050d HT Ballistic Nylon exterior, Wasabi 200d Dyneema interior.

                              All the interiors are Dyneema (color with the white lines).

                              Hope this helps


                              Edit: Here is another picture of the Black/Wasabi combo

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	A45_Black-Wasabi.jpg
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