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Aeronaut 30 in Europe or UK

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    Aeronaut 30 in Europe or UK

    Would any of you know if Aeronaut 30 can go aboard many of the flights on European airlines, including budget airlines like Ryan?

    It will fit. You'll need to be more concerned about weight. Ryanair only allows 10k.

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      You'll need to be concered about even less weight...some European airlines limit to as little as 7 kg (15.4 lbs.) Most German airlines are 8 kg (17.6 lbs. )

      But size wise, the Aeronaut 30 shouldn't be problem.
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        Yes, so far the A30 is good for carryon on, well, all the EU airlines I've researched. The A45 used to be the max size (why I got it) but now many of the airlines are tightening the screws. As far as weight, I had the A45 packed full for a 4 day for my wife and I in Holland last summer and it was just barely over 10kg (took my raincoat out and put it on, gtg). Packing an A30 to over 10kg would be some density. 7kg is probably pretty doable.
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          Thank you all for the quick response. Weight is not as much an issue for me. I can't or rather will not carry over 15 lbs! I have been using the Smart Alec a lot; but a backpack is a backpack. And I thought a duffle style might look a bit more formal and dressy at hotels. The style will also be easier to pack and separate stuff in pockets; and better for dressier clothes. Or so I think!