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    Hi all, I received my box of goodies yesterday and have spent a couple hours organizing. I purchased swift, cafe bag medium, and the day pack. (don't have the abbreviations yet). Also a lot of small pouches.

    My question is: does anyone else wish there was a document pocket on the outside of the swift? I'd like one for a pattern and receipts. Maybe a small one for chapstick, but primarily a document pocket.


    Hi marytattoo, many of us either use the urethane pocket and fold our pattern. To view the pattern, flip the pocket above the contents of the Swift. If that doesn't work, a medium clear organizing pouch will do the same thing, but be removable, and a large organizing pouch will hold your papers or magazines flat and allow clear viewing. The Swift is generously sized and can accommodate the large pouch in either vertical or horizontal orientation.
    I understand why you would like it built in, but some of us use our Swifts in more formal settings and a clear pattern document pocket on the exterior would change the aesthetic and make it not useable for dressier settings.
    I really, really like TB Bags!


      Hi marytattoo, Another alternative to @dorayme's suggestion of the medium organizer pouch is to get a medium double organizer pouch. I've linked you to the Blog post that contains a few pictures of some sample uses, along with links to the product page for ordering, and the forum discussion thread, where you can see many more pictures and discussion of different ways to use the DOP. (For help with abbreviations see the forum Acronym Guide).

      The (Medium) Double Organizer Pouch is basically a modification on the Medium Clear Organizer Pouch, with zippers for a clear compartment in front, and a second fabric compartment in back. That way it's easy to separate out items that you want to see and those you want to separately store, but perhaps don't need instant visual access to. Like the Medium Clear Organizer pouch if the same size, you can clip it to O-Rings in your bag or hook it to a Keystrap with an O-ring end if you want more length in the strap.

      You can also store some folded papers behind either of the clear pockets -- the bottom of the pocket will hold these in place against the side of the bag and out of the way of your bag contents.




        Thanks for the link! It seems every time I log on, there is another product I somehow missed while perusing the web site.
        The MDOP is one of them!


          Thanks. Many purchased patterns come in an 8x11 plastic sleeve, and I generally don't fold them. I can keep the pattern inside, no problem. But since the swift seems to have been intended as a knitting bag first, the outside document pocket would be helpful, for me at least.


            I think most of us make the pattern fit with the bag, rather than expecting the bag to be a pattern holder, if that makes any sense. Many of the knitters use the FJN as knitting journals, and those fit inside the Swift but are half-letter size. Another option are pdf patterns on iPads and other tablets/eReaders. I think having some sort of clear plastic sleeve on the outside of the bag would ruin the ascetics of it.


              A large Clear Org Pouch will fit an unfolded 8.5"X11" paper with lots of room to spare (you could definitely leave it in the plastics sleeve) and can be attached to one of the upper o-rings and then flipped out over the side when in use. It's a bit of a workaround rather than exactly what you're asking for, but it might work. I don't have my large COP here to try it out.


                Thanks, all.


                  BTW, I do use patterns on my phone/tablets. I also use books and the store patterns. I've not used this iPad app much but for easy-to-carry patterns, try KnitCompanion. You may find yourself able to justify more swifts to keep up!