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Ego for minimalist travel

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    I simply can't imagine it. But I'm on the heftier side. Overnight underwear, maybe. Even at-shirt. No jeans.


      I have used a Synapse 19 for minimal travel since they first came out and would make a few observations about your ideas.

      I have only used mine as a backpack on a few trips and almost always just carry it slung on one shoulder and I have no problem like that no matter how full it is.

      I would not trade bags so quickly if you rarely carry it full either. You can always put more in but it is tough to get more space than there is available.
      I 1/2 full Synapse seems a lot more minimal to me than a stuffed Ego or LCB or Pilot or any other bag that you will likely have full in order for it to carry what you need.

      I have a Super Ego and I have carried it as my only bag many times too and it just gets and feels g=huge even with the same amount of stuff as in a loaded Synapse and the Synapse seems much more easy to maneuver at those times.

      I would reconsider this whole thing if it were me(and it has been me many times)I think the Synapse is maybe the perfect Minimalist carry.



        This isn't a very good picture, but here's a profile shot of my Ego as I was on my way out the door this morning. The main compartment is maybe 3/4 full and in the under-flap compartment there are some small items in the pen pockets but nothing in the bigger open space except a small pack able shopping bag.


          Originally posted by terayon View Post

          This isn't a very good picture, but here's a profile shot of my Ego as I was on my way out the door this morning.
          I'm interested in your arrangement of the Absolute Shoulder Strap *with* the snaphooks. How did you do that? Or did that used to be the way? I just bought an Ego with the Absolute and it doesn't come with the snaphooks (and there'd be no place to attach them anyway).