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Sling bag in the works

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    The ONE bag...

    Does that mean there will be one bag to rule them all and in Port Angeles bind them?;)


      Got me there!
      You tell me.


        Mkay how about this then....

        I have seen "slideable" ditty bags before for Cell Phones And Stuff. They have two velcro "wings" which wrap around a bag strap. Body Glove makes ones that wrap around Arms or Legs; Timbuk2 makes StrapDitties.

        How about a choice of Two Ditties per Bag--one for a Cell Phone and one for Stuff? I would really love a small Stuff Zipperbag with a built in keyring so that my keys were on the strap but secured so they don't flap in the breeze.

        I also like the idea of Duo Ditties--slide on bags that have a small zipper compartment, with a velcro pocket layered on top of that (think of the old "sneaker wallets" that used to lace into sneakers for runners). The BodyGlove Cell Phone bag that I mentioned has such a structure.

        Please be mindful of smaller models of cell phones, also...Timbuk2 has their sleeves available in 3 sizes.

        Just think--these ditty bags can be a whole nuther category, and available for attaching to ANY bag with a broad strap.

        In fact, I have been known, in my guiltier moments, to slide my Timbuk2 Cell Holder onto the strap of my Cafe' Bag. Please forgive me--make a similar product in coordinating colors and I'll get one.



          Status of development

          Hi Tom,

          I know that you are currently in the prototype phase of this bag.
          But, could you maybe post a photo or two?



            As you wish...

            Tom wearing the sling pack:

            Me wearing the sling pack:
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              Hi Darcy,


              Looks coool! :-)


              PS: You don't know when it will be ready, right?
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                Soon....I'd say within a couple months
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                  Sling bag ideas

                  Tom, Darcy, et al,

                  Happy to hear a sling bag is on it's way. Love my Brain Bag, but I can use something with a tad sleeker profile when I'm just on a short trip.

                  My take on other folks suggestions - a flat hidden pocket with a key lanyard would be great. Just big enough for passport, id, and a small sheaf o' currency. Or your blockbuster card :-p) Put this on the carry strap in front.

                  A simple set of horizontal straps across the front of the carry strap could let folks choose a pocket (other than the zippered vertical slash pocket I want) and attach/detach at will. Don't clutter the front unless you must. You could leave a minimalist webbing pouch for occasional phone duty. Nothing so big they'll be tempted to try a PalmPilot or iPod though, please. At least not with mesh and elastic alone.

                  You could even take it a bit further, and design a Freudian slip for this bag as well. I would divide it in half down the middle, one side with some straightforward multi-use, generic pockets, the other half with soft velcro backing, where they can attach one of a selection of small pouches of their choice, and organize as they please. Then you can make a nice velcro mount for your upcoming iPod case, or iSight, or what-have-you. Nothing as involved as your stand-alone bags, just something in size ranges to accomodate the most popular toys.

                  Sell the bag with customer's choice of one external pocket, sized for a variety of components (S, M, or L), and stowable within the bag when not needed/desired.

                  Oh yeah, if you do go ahead and put an iSocket (tm) on the front for an iPod or what have you, then a little bit of bungie or retaining clip can take care of your remote cord!
                  Can't wait!

                  Matthew Z.



                    Now that I've read ALL the posts on this, I see I'm regurgitating a lot of previous posts. Mea culpa, Mea culpa.

                    Anyhoo, I just want to say it's gorgeous. I love the look of it from your photos.

                    Don't take this bag to Mordor for construction, the looks this bag will get when the faithful don them will ensure your sales targets are met :-)

                    Matthew z.



                      thanks for the suggestions. I can hear Tom working on the Sling Bag as I type. We're hoping to have even better pictures by Wednesday. This bag is taking its time to get made but I think it's going to be a big hit.

                      It's hard to make a bag that has everyones favorite pockets and stuff on it (anyone remember the Simpsons episode where I think it was...Homer meets his long-lost brother who is the head of a big car company and lets Homer design this car..? hee.) but a lot of these suggestions are being incorporated.

                      For sure the Sling Bag will be able to carry smaller 12" iBook or Powerbook size laptops.
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                      Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                        New Sling Bag pictures!

                        We have brand new pictures of the Sling Bag from our photographer. Guess who the model is.

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                        Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                          It is almost done....I feel confident enough to say, stay tuned and you'll be able to pre-order the Sling Bag by late January!
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                          Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                            Hmmmmm new bag for a new year. Can't wait! My laptop thanks you in advance!


                              Sling Bag--Color Picks?

                              Darcy and cohorts...I would love to see the Sling Bag in the following color options (assuming a black body and two other colors):

                              Wasabi top panel with cobalt

                              or, a good second would be

                              Wasabi top with purple


                              Thank you so much for what looks like a great bag in the happenings! How much is this gonna go for?


                                Sudden thought RE bag design

                                Folks...whilst you are making a fabu bag...would it be at all possible to make the 2 main zippers on the back be lockable in some way? Even just a click-together thingie, or a snap-down tab at the bottom of the bag...to prevent curious fingers from getting into things on crowded NYC subways...??

                                Basically, I've seen something like this on other bags:

                                Both zippers have big pulltabs with holes in em. When put together, they can be put together and either tied to a loop at the base of the bag (a small loop of trimming nylon, or something like that--my old LL Beene backpack has these), or...there's a pre-installed tabby loopy thing with a snap on it (my gigantic Travel Duffel has one of these, along with another grommet to put a lock through--a relic from the good old days when you were allowed to use luggage locks). Simple snap. Snap it through the two zips, and it's an added discouragement--and a loud one to undo, which requires leverage.

                                I don't normally keep anything ultra-valuable in the outer pockets of any of my bags, but the number of times that I've worn something on my back into a CROWDED subway--and then found that someone "spot checked" the zippers--is pretty high...

                                What do you say?