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As Steve put it, "Hell froze over" - We are looking to make an iPod case

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    Thanks for the input, azdude.

    I know you're right...and part of the reason we haven't made an iPod case yet is that right now, with the sewing machines we have, it's hard to make such a tiny case. It's also incredibly hard on the seamstresses to make such a tiny case.

    Of course, working for Tom Bihn I'd like to have an iPod case made by Tom Bihn, not another company!

    Maybe something like what eristick described would be good -- a case that's functional on its own but also attaches to our messenger bags, sling bags, etc. And suggestions like tprice1973's would make it unique.

    I did go to iPodLounge and the case I favored out of all of them [sacrilege]is the Waterfield Designs case[/sacrilege] and I think it's the one I will buy if we decide not to do an iPod case. Anyone have any experiences with that one?
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